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Aro, Caius and Marcus.

I picked at my black clothes with frustration and sighed. I knew it. Wearing all black was hard for me.

I had now been at the Volturi's castle for at least a week. It felt like years, but only because of Alec.

Ever since Alec stomped out of the room, I hadn't seen him since. It aggrevated me. What was wrong with me? Why did he take such a sudden dislike to me? Surely if his sister somewhat liked me, then he could to... couldn't he?

I don't know why it bothered me so much that Alec has been avoiding me. I just had this strange urge to impress him and make him like me. I wish I could say that It didn't bother me if I never saw him again, but that would be a straight up lie.

It was silly of me, to think a guy as perfect as him would want to talk and get to know me. It was silly of me to feel so connected to him. I couldn't help myself but to hope that he would walk back through my bedroom door with Jane in the morning to bring me breakfast; to keep me company when I'm alone. But every morning I'm disappointed, absurdly so, for I should have known because he never comes.

Not seeing him was starting to take a toll on me, and it scared me. It affected me more than not seeing my family.... and I thought that was impossible. I want to get over this infatuation I have with him but it is so hard, I truthfully don't think I will recover.

I heard the door open and my heart started to speed up in absurd hope, but it ceased when I realized it was just Jane.

" Hey Jane." I said distractedly.

" Anna." She said simply as she brought me my food.

I looked down at the pancakes. They looked unbelievably delicious, but I didn't have much of an apetite.

" Jane, when am I going to be able to leave the room? I've been stuck in here for a week. I'm starting to feel clausterphobic." I complained.

" Today actually." She said sounding amused " Aro, wishes to set a date for your transformation, he also wants you to meet the guard."

" Oh golly." I said gulping.

So that's why she asked me to set my alarm clock to 6.

Usually talking to people was no big deal to me, but these people were super vampire beings. They could squash me like a bug.

Jane laughed a musical laugh and said smirking " Scared, Anna?"

" Pssshhhh no!" I said not convincing her at all.

She started to laugh and I blushed.

" Anna, I swear. You can be read like a book." She said shaking her head with a smirk.

I grumbled and started on the pancakes. I wasn't hungry. I was to nervous to go in front of Aro and his all mighty guard to feel hungry.

" We are meeting Aro in 30 minutes so get ready." Jane said urging me into the bathroom for a shower.

I showered quickly and dried my hair before I put on black skinny jeans, a black floral shirt, black high tops and a black beanie. I looked like I was going to rob a store.

I came out of the bathroom and Jane was standing in the same position she was when I went in.

" It's time." She said emotionlessly.

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