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Chapter Twenty- Only One

“Where have you been?” Tom asked after he spotted me from across the dance floor.

I hoped that my eyes did not confirm my lying. “I needed some air, I told you”

He began to rub my already warming arms. “Still it’s been near half an hour”

I gave him a half hearted smile “Sorry, must have lost track of time”

“Mind if I steal her?” Emma asked striding up to us.

Tom’s frown was evident and in his eyes you could tell that he wanted to say no, but he answered “Oh if you must”

She smiled at him and grabbed me hand. I kissed his cheek quickly before she dragged me on to the dance floor and started dancing with me. “Are you okay?” She whispered a concern and skeptical look in her eyes.

I tried to smile convincingly “Yes I’m fine”

“Your eyes say differently” She commented, smiling sadly at me.

Horror struck me. “Does it look that bad?!”

She smiled warmly and shook her head “No, but what’s wrong?”

I brushed it off “Oh nothing, just a lot of emotions is all”

She looked behind me pointedly “Looks like your husband needs some help”

It took me a minute to register that she meant Tom, and I looked behind me to see a girl talking to him adamantly, a seductive glint in her eye.

“Excuse me” I told Emma, and she smiled knowingly.

I walked over to them trying to smile as politely as I could without my rising anger bubbling through. Once the girl saw me heading that way, because let’s face it today it is kind of hard to miss me, that seductive look in her eye turned to one of annoyance. Good, because she is certainly annoying me, whoever she is.

“Hi I’m Cassie” I said nicely as I walked up.

Tom turned with a sigh of relief and wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me closer. “Katelyn this is my wife Cassie”

I smiled once again; a nice gesture, and she had the nerve to glare at me “So I’ve heard” she said bitterly examining me.

Out of nowhere Scarlett’s arms wrapped around Katelyn’s and pulled her away from us, she mouthed a ‘sorry’.

“The nerve of that girl” Tom said frustrated as he reached for a glass of champagne and downed half of it.

“Who was she?” I asked.

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