What the hell? I didn't plan to be doing this today, sneaking past cops to get into a trashed apartment to open a window for Clarke whateverherlasrnameis to climb through. All I know is that she owes me an explanation afterwards. I could be arrested for this. The things I do...

I leave Clarke and walk across the street facing the multiple police cars parked outside the flat block ; police surrounding the main doors to the building. I have to walk straight in there?? God. This has to be one hell of a lie. Then again I live with Octavia Blake. As soon as I get on the same side of the pavement as the building and cars a cop puts his hand on my chest stopping me from going anywhere. Well that worked.
" Where you going son, this is a private investigation." I can feel my body tense under the pressure.
" A friend lives here, Clarke?? I'm going to see her can't I just get in." Stupidity that's your plan!?
The cop holds his belt that lies around his large waist and looks me up and down.
" Clarke you say?" Just act dumb Bellamy, they might ask you to go in and look to see if you can help. You just NEED a way in.
" Yeah. Wait why is all the police here did something happen!" I force a look of confusion onto my face
" How well did you know her?" He asks
" Did. What do you mean did??!" I grit my teeth a little. Do it for a pizza. Wait why Pizza? Well everyone loves Pizza
" I'm not saying anything but it's her apartment that's been trashed, and she's nowhere to be found- do you know where she could be?"
" No but I might be able to help." I offer
" And how could you help.?" Sounds like he's challenging me no offense to the cop but if I can handle my sister I can handle him
" For starters I can't help from out here.." I say it as confidently as possible.
He looks at me for a few seconds then shouts looking ahead of me- towards the door.
" Can I get Kane over here !!" The cop yells. Hang on..Kane? KANE. What the hell is this.
" Kane?? As in.." I say but the cop finishes my sentence
" Marcus Kane, Yes how do you know him??"
" He's my English teacher." The cop just laughs," good luck explaining yourself then."

Kane makes his way over to us, his expression dropping as he sees me.
" What's this one done now?"
" You have 2jobs??" I ask
" I'm gonna let you too talk for a but."And then the other cop walks off leaving me and the WORST English teacher/ Cop ever. I need to hurry up, Clarke will be waiting for me. This just got a whole lot harder
" Why aren't you in school Blake? It's 2pm on a Friday which is a school day."
" Octavia's ill and I'm her guardian."
" But your underage Blake, your only 17- gotta be 18."
" Not anymore I became 18 a few month ago as soon as I turned I went down to court and now I'm her legal guardian." I smirk
" Well you should be at home, I'll give you a lift."
" Actually, I came to see if Clarke's ok, Octavia's request but when I got here I was told that this whole situation is linked to her trashed apartment, your friend Told me the details and asked if I would have a look to see if I'm any help.... So if you wouldn't mind why don't you let me up and see her apartment. You never know I might find something useful " I raise my eyebrows and he rubs his chin then sighs," since you obviously haven't been able to."
" Come on then let's give you a look." He leads the way nodding to the guards at the door. Here we go, here's my way in. Smart ass Blake. For once anyways

As we're walking up the stairs Kane starts speaking to me. This guy is weird I can't tell why but I know he is.
" I'm part time." He says simply, still walking ahead of me, with his back to me.
" What??"
" As an English Teacher. I'm part time but I'm a full time cop being a teacher is just to earn more money"
" Oh. Can I ask you something?" I ask as we reach the top of the stairs, Clarke's hallway.
I quickly glance at the window(which I need to open for Clarke) then back at Kane.
" Yeah sure." He replies turning to face me
" That day in English why did you call Clarke by Clarke Griffin, it's Watson."
" Sorry son but whatever's going on between the two of you..I don't know what she's calling herself nowadays but her name is Clarke Griffin."
" How would you know that?? I'm one of her bestfriends." I challenge, yes she's secretive but she wouldn't lie about her name
" You've known her for 4 days Bellamy." He turns back around and being to walk to the end of the hall and gestures for me to go inside the apartment first. I do.

What's that supposed to mean?? I've known her for 4 days has he known her longer? NOO. Obviously not.

" So see anything into helping us to see where Clarke's gone?" He voice wakes me from my thoughts
I ignore his question.
" You go look in the bathroom I'll stay in here and look." He nods and goes into the bathroom.

As soon as he disappears in the bathroom I rub my hands on my pants and quietly exit the flat, and make my way towards the window Clarke told me to go to. I get there and open it and just wait by the window for her...

Clarke's POV:

I watch as Bellamy walks over to the apartment building. He gets stopped by the cops who were guarding outside. Is he for real?? The cops are there to STOP people from getting in they WILL NOT offer a teenager a free pass into a crime scene. This plan is done, never trust Bellamy Blake!!! Wait a sec....he's actually. Oh my god their getting him inside how'd he manage that. Always trust your gut Clarke from now on

As soon as he disappears into the building I make my way towards the back of the building and look for a way up.
Ok so I can't take the fire door, that's out.
Stairs....obviously not.
I could use the window sills to climb up but people from the inside would notice.
I suppose I could use the pipe. Only problem is that it only runs half way up, from then I'd have to use the window sills but I'd have to hang from them, standing would draw attention. Here goes nothing Clarke.

I place two hands firmly on the pipe and begin to scramble up it. Using my feet for support on the bricks as well, using my hands up pull myself up. Ok, 10 floors away from mine. I keep climbing up the pipe, keeping my breathing steady and slow. I pass my first window, 4 more before I have to use the ledges. Just keep going....
After what seems forever I reach the end of the pipe and reach out for the window sill. I'm about a meter away from it.

"I'm never gonna reach that." I whisper." I'm gonna have to jump for it. 1...2...3." I push myself off the pipe and reach for the window ledge, reaching out as far as I can I barely make it, my fingers gripping the edge. I re-adjust my hands for a more secure hold on the ledge.

After a long time I reach the window where I told Bellamy to be.... It's open! Thank god!
I smile without realizing and then he pops his head out the window and his eyes widen.
" What the.. Clarke?? How the hell did you end up dangling from a window ledge?"
" Why. Don't. I tell you. When. I've. Gotten off this. Fucking ledge." I pant during each word and Bellamy throws his arms over and pulls me up. I awkwardly fall into his arms and then start laughing before he puts his hand over my mouth. He drags me to a janitors closet.
" So did you come up with a plan after you gotten through the window. Where's this..stuff??"
" I er. I didn't really plan on us getting in this far so.. So Let me worry about that I just need you to keep the cops busy."
" Clarke I don't know if this is anything to you but when you weren't at school Mr.Kane was asking questions about you and saying your last name was Griffin?? And he's in your flat right now- he's with the police force Clarke. I just wanted to tell you."
" K." That's all I can manage. At first when I heard that he was my teacher I assumed it was a consequence but now...
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