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"You smell so good", Patrick whispered, causing Charlie's cheeks to be engulfed by a red hue.

"I've always smelled like this", Charlie said, moving his eyes away from Patrick's view. Patrick had a way of making him blush and it was better if Patrick didn't see it. He would tease Charlie about it until Charlie turned redder.

"Well then you've always smelled good", Patrick said with a self-satisfied smirk. "...Except when you were a baby. Babies never smell good".

"How do you even know that?"

"I just know. With where they come out of, they can't smell good", Patrick replied and moved his hand so that it was resting around Charlie's waist.

Charlie usually enjoyed their cuddling moments talking about silly things – like how babies smelled like – but something was gnawing at him. He wanted to talk to Patrick about this one thing.

"About J..." Charlie started, but both the boys were alarmed by the sound of footsteps coming ever so close to the room they were in.

Patrick immediately sprung off the bed, nearly pulling Charlie off it. Charlie immediately missed having Patrick's arm around his waist, but he couldn't complain. Patrick had to do whatever it took to keep their secret and Charlie was willing to help him with it, even if he hated the sudden movements.

They occurred a lot. At Charlie's house there was Ariel, and at Patrick's house there was Fabiola. Both sisters entered their brother's rooms whenever they felt like it. Ariel liked playing with Patrick, and Fabiola...Charlie never knew what it was that Fabiola wanted. She didn't get along with Patrick but still found time to butt into his bedroom unannounced.

Patrick couldn't lock the door whenever he was inside the room with Charlie, simply because that would raise suspicions. It probably wouldn't, but Patrick didn't want to take that chance. He couldn't reveal his secret prematurely, especially at that point in his life.

Both boys were about to graduate high school. They were literally days away. Now was the time they took decisions about their future. It seemed unfair to have to decide their futures so young, but they had to. Patrick could not afford to piss off his dad or he could very well kiss that future goodbye.

At least that was what he told Charlie.

The door to Patrick's bedroom opened quickly, and in stepped Fabiola.

"Hey guys. What are you up to?"

Patrick raised a brow. "We are just talking", he shrugged.

"About what?"

"Um...about college", Patrick said quickly. He'd jumped to the word and hoped it was a lifesaver.

Patrick and Fabiola did not get along not only because they were different; Fabiola was known for her meddling. She inserted herself into everything and anything. She asked about every girl that Patrick was seen with. It was like she could even talk to birds. Patrick was admittedly scared of her prowess in that department.

"Great. Dad will be so happy you are going", Fabiola said and hugged Patrick, who stood ramrod straight at the sudden intrusion in his personal space.

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