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Chapter- Thirty One

Vitale's POV (yes! You saw it right)

"No, George. You cannot be serious?" I exclaimed, surveying his face for any clue.


It just couldn't be. I tool a deep breathe and tried to control my anger.

The anger was my main problem. I couldn't control my rage sometimes and more than bad things happened.

Very worse things.

I was never ashamed of myself, yes, I did feel bad for all whom I killed but yet I had no choice.

It was either them or me or my close friends and sister.

I loved my sister even though I didn't show it but I did love her. She was all I had, my own parents never understood me the way she did.

"Vitale, yes. What I am saying is correct." He ran his hand through his hair and sighed. Dark circles were visible underneath his eyes.

George worked hard.  He was one of those few people I trusted with everything. I was never good with words but with George by my side I had nothing to worry about.

"But listen, Lucio is not himself at this moment. Vincenzo is controlling him like a fucking puppet. If Vincenzo is out of picture then we could easily deal with Lucio."

I leaned closer to him, my elbows pressing unto the table below, "So, what you mean is, if that idiot is out of picture I could leave peacefully?" I asked him, cocking an eyebrow at him.

He nodded eagerly, his hands made a gesture and exclaimed, "Exactly!"

My voice dropped low and I whispered to him so that no one near us could hear what I was saying, "Then kill him."

Yes. I was ruthless. I didn't need anymore trouble. I had enough. And Lucio just tested my limits.

He killed one of my own, fücked my drug dealing business and tried to kidnap us.

What the fuck was he trying to prove?

For the love of everything holy, I didn't need any rivals. I was okay with staying out of unnecessary competitions as long I was alive but that dumb Lucio came and ruined everything.

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