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Assalamwalaikum my lovely readers. I am very happy that you all supported my first story "happy to be his" . This is my second story I hope you all will like this story too.

Please vote and comment and show your support for this story.

Let's have a look on the main characters of the story.

1. Zoya - main character. She is 23 years old. She is in last year of  her degree.  She is a hard working girl and full of life. She is the smallest and the only daughter of her parents. She loves her family very much.

2. Sameer - main character. He is 25 years old. He is a workaholic person and gets angry easily. He can be defined as heartless and cruel. He can do anything to get what he wants. He loves his parents alot and can do anything for them. He is very rich and handsome.

3. Aabid - Zoya's daddy. He is an ordinary man who earns well and loves his family very much. He is married to Saba and has 3 children, Fahaad, Imran and Zoya.

4. Saba - Zoya's mommy. She is a housewife and loves her family alot. She is happily married to Aabid and has 3 children, Fahaad, Imran and Zoya.

5. Muskan - Zoya's best friend. She is same age of Zoya. She is very close to Zoya. Her parents got divorced and she lives with her mother.

6. Ayaan - Sameer's best friend. He is 26 years old. He is very close to Sameer. He is living with her mother and sister. His dad died two years back.

7. Rahiman - Sameer's dad. He is a very nice and hard work person. He has only one child, Sameer. He is happily married to Zara. He loves his family alot.

8. Zara - Sameer's mom. She is a social worker and also a housewife. She loves her small sweet family very much. She is happily married to Rahiman and Sameer is her only child.

9. Fahaad - Zoya's brother. He is the first child of Aabid and Saba. He is working in bank on high post. He is 28 years old and looking forward for his marriage.

10. Imran - Zoya's brother. He is 25 years old. He is the second child of Aabid and Saba. He is very close to Zoya. He is also working in a company and earns well.

These are the special characters of the story. I hope you will like and support my new story.

Show your support by giving votes. I need around 30 votes on this story introduction. So I can start with the first chapter. I hope you all can do that for me😉

I love you all my lovely readers. 😘😘😘

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