Chapter 3

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'Hello? No wait, that isn't my phone ringing.' You turned to your side and stopped the annoying alarm. You straightened your back as you sat on your bed staring at the damned alarm "Why did I buy you?" You asked the inanimate object and as to be expected, the alarm clock did not reply. You stretched your arms as your brain registered what was going on 'Oh yeah.. I have to go to school because I was transferred to some other class... E class was it?' You walked to the bathroom and did your morning routine. You then put on your uniform and grabbed your lunch from the kitchen that your chef made. You ate your breakfast and then headed out to the school.

You looked around you as you appreciated the refreshing morning atmosphere since it was your first time being so independent and free from the chains your parents had locked you with. You took a huge whiff of the fresh air and sighed from the serenity. 'So far, day one without my parents is very calming.' You yawned as you stretched a but more.

You brought the rubber knife and the loaded BB gun with you and you were getting excited for today's class. 'I wonder what the teacher in the E class is like but most importantly, I wonder what kind of students are in the E class.' You thought as you smiled at the beautiful morning but your stoic expression immediately returned to your face.

You arrived at the main gates of the school and walked in happily. You looked around you to see the everyone was looking at you as if you were a piece of trash "Hey, isn't that her?" You overheard a girl whisper to her friend "Mhm. She's the one that got sent to the filthy E class. I wonder what happened to her." "Yeah, it was her first day yesterday and she was in class B but news spread that she got transferred to class E." Another one of her friends joined in the conversation.

The gym teacher that greeted the students that come in the gates stopped you in your tracks and looked at you with anger "What are you doing here L/N? Once you are a class E student, you are not allowed to step foot onto the main building unless it's necessary." She asked as you stepped backwards "I'm heading towards class E. Class E is in the main building, is it not?" You stared at her blankly then she laughed out loud "Class E's classroom isn't here! It's up on that mountain! Class E is in that old campus on top of the mountain, you idiot!" She laughed as she pointed towards the mountain 'That brown building was class E? I guess it makes sense... But why isn't place here in this new campus?' "Oh, is that so? Well, I'll be going up that mountain then." You turned back and headed to the mountain.

You just embarrassed yourself in front of many students but luckily, not the whole student body was there, just a few students from different classes. You made your way to the front of the mountain; getting ready to go through hell 'I didn't really get to beat this mountain yesterday. This time, I'll definitely beat yo-' You were instantly being carried by an unknown force "What." You looked down to see that you were flying over the mountain. You realised that you were inside the robe of the yellow creature once again.

"Excuse me but, you're my target that I am supposed kill and I could easily kill you from this small space between us." You said as a matter-of-fact-ly. You heard the creature laugh once more "You wouldn't want to kill me right now would you? Because if you were to kill me right now, you might just fall to your doom." It's head now had green stripes across his face slightly annoying you "Why would it matter if I die? It is my job as an assassin to kill my main target." You stated impassively making the green stripes of it's head disappear.

It dropped you off gently to the top of the mountain next to the brown building "We shall talk about that matter later Y/N-san. But don't forget that tomorrow, you should take the easier route to this mountain so I wouldn't have to carry you all the time, okay?" In an instant, it disappeared. 'Weirdo...' You thought as you walked forward to the entrance of the brown building. "Mornin' Nagisa, Kayano!" You heard a boy in front of you greet his what you assumed his friends "Ah Isogai! Good morning." Another voice greeted him back.

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