Trust gets you killed

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Scott's POV:

Who am I supposed to call? 

Lydia? No.

Parrish? No, he's checking up on Lydia.

Malia? Yeah, that should work.

I pull my phone out of my pocket and oh .....Oh god it hurts!! I unlock it and dial her number. There's this annoying beeping sound before she picks it up.

"Hey Malia......" but I'm cut off by her voice.

"Should I say something now?"

"Yes Malia." That's Stiles....laughing. A sound I haven't heard in a long time. 

"What's this for anyway?" Malia asks.

"That's so people can know you're busy."

"I don't get it." And then it pips.

Oh, that's that awkward voice mail Malia has.Let's just say that Malia still doesn't know how to  use it properly. 

Okay so no Malia.

Liam? NO!

Deaton? Yeah, Deaton should work. 

I dial his number.

"Hello?" he answers almost immediately.

"Deaton!" I yell and that sends a REALLY big amount of pain to my stomach.

"Can you come over to Stiles's house, please?" I groan in pain.

"What? Why? What happened?"

"I'll explain everything when you get here."

I hear a loud BOOM! Like something fell on the floor.

"You there?" I ask barely conscious.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be right there."  My body shaking with pain, which caused the wound to hurt even more.He hangs up. I try to place my phone back into my pocket.....unseccessfully. It falls out of my hand and I try to catch it but the sword stops me. 

Note to myself: Never pin any kind of paper to a board with a pin. Poor things. 

After like 10 minutes of nothing, I hear the doors opening. Quite footsteps slowly coming closer to the living room. I tense a little bit. Please, don't be another killing creature. The door slowly opens and there stands...Deaton! I sigh with relief which only causes guessed it....more pain. He's wearing this horrified expression. I look around and realize (wow now I realize that I'm realizing a lot of things lately. Mom will be so proud) how weird this situation must look.

He lets go of the beg I didn't notice he was holding (Okay maybe not. But that might be because of that wound in my abdomen.) and runs to me. He grabs the hilt of the sword and pulls it out with so much force I scream in pain. Well I would scream anyway but now at least I don't have to feel awkward about it. Not that being stabbed with a sword isn't a good reason not to feel awkward about screaming but still... 

I fall to the ground holding my stomach. Again. What does everybody have with my stomach.

Deaton kneels in front of me and asks: "Are you okay?"

"I'll be in a minute." I say with greeted teeth. Once it heals, well not heals but it doesn't hurt that much anymore. Deaton stands up and then holds his hand out for me to take. He looks at Theo and Stiles and casually asks with raised eyebrows: "So....wanna tell me what's happened?"

And I do. I tell him  EVERYTHING that happened. When I finish I look at him and see this face like he wants to punch me but my face isn't worth his fist.

"Well....." he says but doesn't continue. I'm staring and him, my eyes getting wider by the second and I'm making small circles with my head as though I'm indicating him to continue. After a while of me staring at him, and him staring at the floor while nodding he says.

"We should take care of these wounds." I look at him in disbelief.

"Are you serious? Look at......THAT! Aren't we going to do anything about it?" I say while pointing at Theo and Stiles with closed eyes. I mean they have closed eyes, not me. That would be weird.

"We can't do anything about it! Don't you get it? Theo's literally in Stiles's mind! If we break that process Stiles might get seriously injured. And it won't be physical. I don't thing ANY doctor would be able to fix that!" He almost shouts and a little vein is appearing at the right side of his head.

I step back. It's unusual for Deaton to lose his temper. 

"So what do we do?"

"We bandage your wound and then we'll wait for Theo to come out of Stiles's mind. I have a feeling that he's gonna have a little struggle with whatever he's looking for. Being in Stiles's can't be easy."

I sigh but nod. 

And that's how we ended up in this very.....unusual situation.

Hi guys!!! Still remember me?? No? Okay, didn't expect you to.

I know it's been almost a YEAR since I last updated and you have no idea how terrible I feel about it. I don't want to give you any poorly made up excuses as to why I'm updating so late, so I'm gonna go with the truth.

All I can say is that this has been the hardest year of my life so far and not that I didn't have time to write it's just that whenever I started writing, I realized that I had a ton of other things to do so I stopped. But hopefully now that it's almost over, I'll be updating more than only once a year.

Also I know it's a little (okay a lot) late for that but what do you thing of season 6 of TW?

IIIIi liked it but also didn't.

Reasons I liked it: The entire season was about Stiles. It had tons of Sciles feels, tons of Stilinski feels and it had a hint of Stalia (even though they deserved a lot more (don't kill me))

Reasons I disliked it: Stiles was only in 3 EPISODES (I know they had no other choice but still). It completely ruined Stydia (it wasn't stydia anymore. It was just Lydia whining about hoe she loved him since kiss (HAHAHAHAHA I think the only person who believes this is someone who hasn't watched season 3B, 4,5) and crying). Lydia's character development is in pieces. They ruined Claudia Stilinski.

And also I don't really enjoy Scott's POV in this story? What do you guys think?

I just don't have that heroic little Scott in me. So this mostly be Stiles because he's my bae.

I'll also reply to everyone's comments so if you want to ask something or just talk....I'm here.

okay thanks for reading!!! Everyone I LOVE YOU!!!! You're amazing!!

Bye :)