Prologue to Chapter 1

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Prologue: The Weapon

Four centuries, that's how long I have been avoiding the Time Lord known as 'The Doctor.' All because he was the first one I revealed my identity to...

"Boredom. Infinite and immeasurable boredom. That describes my life. Spending every day with my friends K, Lee and Edward. Edward is the saddest of them all."
"That's boring..." He replies.
"I know. Wait!"

"What?" My phone rings. "How did you that?"
"Eh. Nervous foster mother. What can I say?"
"You can say 'I know I'm too fast.' Can you say that?"
"Stubborn pride Doctor. That's who I am now and you better get used to it. I'll be this way for... 10 months, 5 weeks, 28 days, 14 hours, 30 minutes and 9, 8, 7,6 seconds."
The Doctor's face suddenly drops in seriousness and shock.
"That is too precise for a human. Name, age, home planet, species."
"Nickname: Sam, Age: Personal much?, Home Planet? NEVER ASK THAT AGAIN! Species, same answer applies."
"I asked for your name." I quickly walk out mumbling, full of anger at myself for revealing my name when I swore I would NEVER do that..

"I am 'The Weapon' designed by the Time War itself. "

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