Chapter -4

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                                                                          Jasmine's POV

   I feel dejected as the werewolf guy marches me towards wherever he is taking me. I don't feel scared of him ,I just wish I hadn't strayed into the forest. Then I would not have been stuck in this alternate universe I am in.I would have been eating away my sadness of another failed job interview right now. I would still be an innocent ,ignorant normal human being.

  The werewolf (I really need to name him) sighed out loud and stopped. So, I stopped too.

"What's wrong?" I frown at his exhasperated expression.
"Other than you kidnapping me?! Well,let me see. I was chased by a huge scary monster that isn't suppose to exist outside of movies, and then I see a werewolf, who also shouldn't exist, save me and then kidnap me and I am not even scared of you! Instead I am attrac...t.e.d..." I  stutter as I realise what I just said.
                                                                     "Attracted to me?" He smirks at me as if I amuse him.
                                                                "I'm not attracted to you!" I sniff as I half scream at him. Its a bad habit of mine, I always sniff when I lie.
                                                                 "Don't scream. The monster that chased you? Worse things are after us now. You'll lead them right to us. And we both know you are attracted to me. Its because we are mates. I am attracted to you too."
                                                                My mouth is probably hanging open by the time he says the last word. I am curvy. Like a size 16 curvy and not many guys have openly stated to being attracted to me. Okay, none have EVER admitted to being attracted to me . like, the outside me. I am too self conscious to ever try going out with someone. So, here I am. A 24-year-old virgin about to have a heartattack because a hot as sin werewolf ( I name him lip-smackingly-delicious or just hunkalicious ) just admitted to being attracted. To .me.
                                                                I am extremely flattered. Like really, extremely flattered. But this mate business is confusing.
                                                                "Sorry but you are mistaken. I am not your mate. I have read paranormal romances. If you were my mate your reaction would be more.....just more. Maybe you just like my perfume?" Even though I am not wearing one.
                                                                He just turns his back to me. The damn nerve! How dare he turn his back to me! Hey, it could be a good thing. I could escape.
    Ahhh...I internally sigh. Who am I kidding? I couldn't outrun a snail if I wanted to.
                                                                But..I will try it anyway. Just as I was I was turning the other way very silently, he turned back with a worried look. I stop trying to escape and start to panic again. If super werewolf/shifter guy is worried then I am as good as dead.
"Whats wrong?" Don't be bad news. Please, I beg you.
  "They've caught our scent. We've gotta move. I can't handle three of them at once. Especially with you unprotected. Come on. We have speed on our side."
He made a move towards me as if to hold my hand. I don't even give him a chance. I start to run as fast as I could.

"The other way." He sounded tired. I silently turn the other way and continue running. Half out of breath.
                                                                Aaron's POV
       Maybe we don't have speed on our side. Looking at her unsteady stumbly run (more like a jog) ,I know we're in trouble. The mesha may be slow but their mates are definitely not. I jog to catch up with her and see that she's already out of breath.
   "Stop. This is not gonna work. We will have to wait for my pack to come. In the meantime, I must prepare to fight and earn us some time. You, find somewhere good to hide. And leave your jacket. It will lessen the strength of your scent."         
                                                                God, I hope we survive this. There's a reason no shifter has ever fought three zantos at once and lived to tell the tale.
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