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Niall stared at the man in front of his eyes, trying to decipher how to deal with the situation. He averted his gaze back to the photographs in his hand, sighing loudly before tossing them towards the older man. 

"Those are photo-shopped." Niall grunted, shaking his head with distaste before continuing to walk ahead. He placed a hand on the back of his skirt, not wanting to flash Liam with his lace panties. The man might be hot and tempting but Niall was not in a mood to be eye raped by men who weren't named Harry Styles. 

"N-no, it's not. Are you really just going to let this all pass by?" Liam huffed,  clicking his tongue before following Niall along. He quickly signaled for the car to continue following him. His men inside simply rolled their eyes at their boss' childish antics. 

"There's no reason for me to believe you Liam. Harry might be an asshole and a complete douche with no idea of how to sweet talk someone into staying, but he's not a cheater. The man's too soft for such activities." The blonde sighed exaggeratedly, crossing the road when the signal turned green. His mind was still focused on  Harry and how their entire conversation had ended. In all honesty, Niall himself didn't know why he had raised the matter of kids. They were both young and nobody was in a rush to go anywhere yet he wanted some form of solid label on their relationship. A promise that Harry would be there and they would have a future ahead of us. He was tired of living in the present. 

"You really shouldn't underestimate him, you know ? He might be your boyfriend but he's always a mafia." Liam scoffed, keeping in toe with Niall's movements. "Are you going to ignore me?" 

"Listen Liam, stop trying to make me think that Harry is a bad guy because I know he isn't. We've been together for a long time now.  I'm pretty sure I know whether he's dangerous or not." 

"Then why hasn't he put a ring on you yet?" Liam smirked, watching Niall's determined expression fall from his face. "I know if I was in his position and had a gorgeous man like you as my lover,  the first thought on my mind would have been to tie you down with me for life." 

Niall rolled his eyes, ignoring the question altogether. He didn't want to think about his relationship with Harry. It was just a road filled with unnecessary bumps - majority of which Niall himself had created. But Niall was just frustrated. It had been awhile since Harry had last touched him in a sexual and passionate manner. He didn't know why the brunette was putting off from anything remotely sexual but he was and that just confused the hell out of Niall. 

Last time they had had sex was at least three weeks before and that's saying something because between the two of them, Harry was definitely the more sexually active one. Niall, on the other hand, enjoyed it but was never desperate for it. Oh how the roles have turned! 

"Again ignoring me," the bulky brunette grunted once Niall paused in front of a simple looking house. It had a huge lawn, filled with beautiful flowers of all types and trimmed grass, but the building looked like any other decent house would. Liam was surprised to see that despite being in a relationship with somebody as rich and dangerous as Harry Styles, Niall was still living in a simple two store-y house. 

"You can leave now and seriously, next time, come up with better pics than those fake trashes you were presenting me." Niall rolled his eyes, trying to hide his smirk as he walked up the four steps that lead to the main gate. It had been awhile since he had last visited his family and now, to be here after months of just keeping in touch via calls and messages, it brought a nervous tingle in the pit of his stomach. He was excited to see little Theo but more than that, he just wanted to hug his mother and pour his heart out about every confusing emotion he felt.

But the very instant he turned around to check whether Liam was still there or whether he had left in that huge black car of his, several men dressed in black suits with masks over their head moved forward with guns in their hands. In normal situations, Niall would have screamed or called out for help but he was aware that the door could be answered by either of his family members, making them open to attack. Niall kept his lips sealed, trying to push and punch against the men who reached for him. 

He was well aware of Liam and his men getting out from the black car to help him in his struggle but they weren't nearly as strong and as high in number as the masked men. The nervous feeling in the pit of the blonde's stomach and the dizziness he was feeling because of all the commotion right outside his house, his silent prayers to God to prevent anybody from opening the door, everything was getting to him. He silently called out for Harry, cursing the older man for not following him out this time or sending his normal bodyguards to do the job. One time that they both had to be angry and frustrated with each other and this had happened. 

"Fuck," Niall grunted when a man punched him square on his ribs, stopping his struggles effectively and then another punch came, this time right across his face. He tried to prevent himself for giving into the darkness that was seeping in with all the tiring activity and the punches his body had taken but the loud noise from bullets being exchanged between Liam's men and the masked men, prevented him from giving out. 

Another gun shot rang out followed by a familiar grunt. Niall quickly turned his head in the direction of the sound, his eyes welling up when he noticed Liam's right leg bleeding out. 

"Why are you doing this?" The blonde called out, not wanting anything to drag on much longer. If they had politely asked, he would've willingly got inside their shady looking car and waited patiently for Harry to rescue him like he always did but something in the pit of his stomach said that these guys weren't scared of the famous Harry Styles. 

When he got no response except the loud noise of gun shots being fired continuously, Niall continued to struggle against the men that were keeping him held in a tight grasp. He didn't understand why they were still so intent on killing Liam and his men when they had Niall in their hold. 

Only when a small creaking sound came into audible range did Niall dare to start struggling again. He quickly turned his attention towards the brown wooden door, praying quietly to himself that it was just his ears playing tricks on him and not somebody actually opening the door to check the commotion. It was probably around time for the neighbors to have called the cops up but like always, police took their sweet time in arriving. 

"No no no no no," Niall whispered to himself, watching the small blonde head peak out from behind the brown door, the familiar eyes looking so scared and meek. Niall wanted to reach out and comfort the small child but before he could do so, another gun shot rang out. 

This time, aimed towards the brown door..

AN/ This is free writing lol. I'm just writing random shit. Why are you all reading this?

How many of you guys listen to Kpop? I was a kpop fan before I was a 1D fan so yeah, I love kpop artist. There is this new female group called BLACKPINK and if you guys are open to new music, you should totally check their stuff out. 

They are absolutely awesome. They're so beautiful and talented and young and omg Lisa is my bias. She's so adorable. U should totally listen to "Playing with Fire" and "Whistle". 

Apart from this: 

I will put this story under major major major editing once I'm done with writing it. I just want to give you guys something instead of nothing but trust me,  I will edit everything out. My mind is just a mess right now with so many things going on, and I had absolutely no plans to update this story but it had been so long and I know somehow u guys seem to like what I write (I don't know why or how but thank u nonetheless). 

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