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The Blue-Eyed Runaway - Chapter 4

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Here's chapter 4!!! I hope you like it and that my writing isn't too rushed :s The chapter isn't edited but I'll do it. Sometime, someday :p


Sam's POV :D (POV=Point Of View:)

Sam, what the hell do you think you’re doing?! Telling him he’s “the one” is the stupidest thing you have ever done! He isn’t supposed to find out so soon. He would totally freak out if he knew what he really is. Even I freaked out when I found him. Well, I didn’t really find him; I walked into his house and found out he’s the one. It’s not certain though. Who am I kidding.  He read my mind so obviously he is the one. Speaking of reading minds, of all things he could read he just had to read my mind at that point. Like seriously, couldn’t he wait with developing his ability of reading my mind. But I can read his so It’s only fair I guess. I’m a little more skilled though. Whatever, time for my Music class.

I went into the classroom. I was a little late so everyone was staring at me.

“Blue-eyed freak!” Sarah coughed. A few people giggled. I thought they didn’t let 7 year olds into high school? You may wonder why I didn’t say that out loud, and the answer is very simple. I can’t explain to 7 year olds how immature they are. Besides, Sarah can be very scary. Let’s just say there’s a reason we have a new art teacher now.

 The seat I usually sit at, was taken so I had to take the only one left and that was right in front of the teachers’ desk.

“Samantha, since you came in last, you can be the first to read your lyrics,” said Mrs Brady. I         internally groaned. Mrs Brady was a very nice woman but at this moment I couldn’t have hated her more. Last week she gave us an assignment of making our own lyrics that described our lives. 

“Come one, go and stand in front of the classroom.” I stood up and walked to the front of the  classroom. When I looked up, I saw everyone staring at me. I forgot that I had stage fright. I’m not on stage now but any situation where people look at me, makes me nervous.

“Is there something wrong, Samantha?”

“No-o, mi-ss.” Great, now I’m also stuttering. I don’t know why I did it, but I suddenly asked, “Could I use the guitar?” They looked a little shocked when I said that. To be honest, so was I.

“Sure! Go ahead,” she said excitedly.


Alex's POV

I had a free hour now and was just walking around the school. Where’s the music coming from? Oohh, there’s the music room. Let’s see if the students are talented here, shall we. Yes, yes we shall.

I looked through the window and.. Sam’s playing?! I did not expect that. She’s a girl of many talents. Even her Nightingale painting was amazingly done. She started singing:

“I never chose this life

Someone chose it for me

People say, if you don’t like it

End it with a knife

But you don’t hear me complaining

Some people have it worse than me

Unlike people in the 16th century

I don’t have a family painting

 I never chose this life

I don’t like fighting with my family

People say, if you don’t like it

End it with a knife

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