It's good to be back

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“They are coming!” 

Alex laughed at the excitement in his son’s voice as the seven year old Tyler came crashing into him.  He managed to brace himself and hugged the wriggling body close to him for as long as he held still.

“Yes; they are finally coming again.”  He agreed when Tyler started bouncing up and down in excitement.

A frown flashed across his face.  “No dad,” he corrected his father.  “They are here; they are just past the broken tree.”

“Who?”  Alex asked.  Now that his brothers were all alphas of their own pack; he found he could not broadcast to them like he used to when they were still part of his own pack.  He had to connect with the individual brother if he wanted to speak to him.

“Ricky, Graham and Genna!”

[Brian; you there?]  He sent a quick query off not really expecting an answer.

[Yeah; how on earth did you know?]  Brian’s mental voice held plenty surprise.

Alex looked down at his son.  [Tell you later.  Just move it for now!]

[Sure thing; the kids are going pretty wild right now.  They can’t wait to see their cousins again.  It has been too long.]

“How did you know they were here?”  He asked his son.

“I listened for them.”  Was the clever reply he received.

Tyler got his hair all ruffled by his dad and he tried to duck away from his father’s long arms.  “What were you listening for Ty?”

Tyler frowned up at his dad with an uncertain look in his young eyes.  “Don’t know.  It’s kinda hard to say.”

As reassuringly as he could; Alex grinned down at the son that would one day be taking over from him as alpha.  “Tell me what you heard when you listened for them.”

“Well; uncle Brain has this buzzing sound; you know; like bees?”  He looked at his dad to make sure he understood before going on.  “Sometimes he had a busy buzz; but right now it is quieter.  And Sam sounds like soft rain.  Except when she is angry; then she sounds like a thunderstorm.”

As Tyler carried on explaining how he heard his uncle; aunt and cousins; Alex tried remembering if he had ever perceived people as sounds while he listened to his son.  He and Cassy had joked before saying that Tyler was very sensitive to other people.  They had always put this intuitive ‘talent’ of their son down to the doting parent syndrome.  Perhaps they were wrong in not looking at this deeper.  If Tyler could really sense Brian, Sam and the kids from so far; he and Cassy should look into it.  But not right now; his werewolf hearing was telling him that his brother was driving into the pack grounds from the other side.

[They’re here!]  He sent to Cassy as he grabbed Tyler by the hand and swung the squealing boy onto his shoulders.  By the time he arrived at their home; Cassy was waiting out front with the rest of their kids; Rebeccah and Audrey; Tyler’s triplet sisters; then there was the four year old Sean and one year old Ellie hanging on to her mother’s jeans to keep up straight.  She had no idea what the commotion was all about; but if the brothers and sisters were excited; then so was she.

Alex looked at Cassy’s face and chuckled softly; if the kids were excited then Cassy was over excited.  It had been too long since the whole family had been here at the same time.  It was his thirtieth birthday; and where he would rather keep it quiet and low key; Cassy insisted on going big.  And when Cassy went big; it was BIG!

Brian and Sam would be the first to arrive; Ethan and Lucy were hot on their tails – literally; and Conrad and Grace should arrive just before dinner.  The rest were only expected to arrive tomorrow; but by lunch time; they should all be here.  Just imagine; for the fist time in almost five years they would all be here at the same time.  This was going to be like old times again.

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