“She was a stripper; see how she easily took her clothes off in front of us.” Ashley commented slapping my ass.

I threw the hanger I had in my hand at her and it hit her chest.

She fell to the floor dramatically, and I chuckled as she pretended to me dead.

“All of y’all need to be actresses with y’all acting asses.” I commented tighten my sweat pants.

“I’m good right?” Ashley asked as she sat upright on the floor.

I nodded.

I place the gold dress on a hanger and put it on the clothes rack.

“Hey! Where are my babies?” Xena questioned me.

“They’re with my best friend Kyle, my boyfriend, and his cousins.” I answered slipping on my nike’s.

Kyle and Erica had talked me into making them watch my twins. I knew I could trust them, so I eventually said yes instead of bringing them in with me today.

“You have a man? Oh girl spill. Where did y’all meet and is he fine? Is his sex game on point? Girl! Tell Tell Tell!” Phybe screamed as she stopped what she was doing and giving me all her attention.

“Yes. Um, how we met was weird. Of course I’m going to say my man is fine what girl doesn’t? And that’s for me to know and you to never find out.” I answered her.

“You’re no fun. You hold out on all the good juicy stuff.” Phybe replied throwing a Mac lipstick my way, but I dodged it.

My phone rang and I turned away from the girls to answer it.

“Hey baby.” Enrique voice boomed through the phone once I place it against my ear.

“Hey baby.  I was just talking about you.” I smiled hearing his voice.

He chuckled,” Good to know I’m always on your mind. You’ll be happy to know your always on mine.” He replied seductively.

I giggled biting on my bottom lip.

“Awwww.” The girls all cooed as they heard his reply as they had all move in closer to me to hear my conversation.

“You guys are fucking nosey!” I screamed, laughing as I pushed them away from me.

“His voice sounds sexy.” Xena commented.

“Can we meet yo mystery man Lisa?” Ashley asked.

“Nope.” I laughed and they all pouted.

“Are you done baby?” Enrique questioned.

“Oh yeah. I was just about to call you to come get me.” I replied grabbing my bag and waving bye to the girls, so I could go wait outside for Enrique.

“I’m actually outside, so take your butt out here. I had a feeling you was almost done so I came a few minutes early so you didn’t have to wait for me.”

“You’re the best.” I said as I came outside to see his car. I hung up and got in the car pecking him on the lips.

“How was work?” He asked as he pulled out of the parking spot and made his way back to his house.

My poor baby looked so tired.

He must have been asleep.

“Fun.  Ashley, Phybe, and Xena are straight actresses.” I laughed.

“That’s nice to know you had fun without me.” He pouted.

I giggled and kissed his cheek, “I would have had more fun with you there.” I said and he smiled.

Enrique dropped me in front of Kyle’s house and went home; he told me he’d leave the door open for me before I got out the car. Kyle opened the door holding Liam and I cheesed so hard seeing my baby.

Liam started to squirm and cry reaching for me and I laughed grabbing him from Kyle.

“You little fake motherfucker. When she wasn’t here you wasn’t acting like that towards me, I was your best friend cause I fed you. Don’t come to me no more.” Kyle sulked as Liam looked at him dumbfounded.

I laughed as I walked farther in to the house.

“Where is Xion?” I asked Kyle.

“Taking up my bed with that fat as girl Erica, both of those monkeys sleep.” Kyle said making me laugh.

“Alright, I’ll be back, going next door with Liam.” I told Kyle as I left, he paid me no mind as he went to get something to eat from his fridge.

I considered jumping the wall, but I didn’t trust Liam not to fall off, so I walked around.

“Hey, walk for me.” I told Liam as I placed him on his feet, neither he nor Xion can walk. I’m in the midst of teaching them, so I try to help them walk as much as I can.

I held both his hand and told him to walk again, but he just starts bending his knees and bouncing meanings he was being lazy so I gave up.I picked him up and walk the rest of the way to the front of Enrique’s house door. I turned the door knob and as promised the door was open.

I walked in closing the door behind me and immediately went upstairs in search of Enrique. His parents weren’t home, his mum was at work, dad was also working, and Cynthia was in school.

I really didn’t give a fuck where Maddison was.

I tried making Liam walk again, but this time on the steps. I let him go for a second, and he released his weight landing flat on his ass on the third step from the top. He sat there looking up at me like I had the nerve to put him down.

I chuckled picking him up again and he rested his head on my shoulder.

Lazy baby, I would have more luck with Xion.

I walked the rest of the way up the stairs to Enrique’s room. His door was closed. I thought nothing of knocking as I opened the door.

I swear I didn’t know how to react to what I was seeing.

Enrique had a string tied around his upper left bicep as he stuck a needle in to his arm.

“What the fuck!” I screamed.

Enrique looked up , shocked cause he hadn’t heard me come in.

“I can explain.” He said as he finished injecting whatever it was in to his vein and throwing the need away in his trashcan.

My mind completely shut off his voice.

Is this boy on drugs!


Was it Cocaine or Heroin?

All my mind could think of was: damn he was almost perfect.


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