Chapter 53


I Don’t Know What Love is.


React How


“Come on Lisa. Head up, chin high and work it. Act like you is Beyonce.” Ryan shouted as I walked the runway, posing every now and again for the camera.

I was trying my best not to laugh as Xena struggled to walk in the 7 inch red bottoms she was assigned to wear along with the tight red romper that made her banging body all the more sexier, as she walked in front of me.

It was jokes.

She would walk perfectly as she swayed her hips to the end of the runway, and then when she walked back her legs would wobble something crazy.

“Xena get it together.” Ryan said clapping his hands.

“Ryan! We need a break.” Ashley whined.

“Models don’t get breaks.

Its switch clothes and back on the runway. Keep walking.” He shouted.

I could hear Ashley suck her teeth from behind me, and I chuckled.

“Come on Ry, we been at this for three hours practically, and we have walked around this runway hundred times today. Give us a break for god sake.” Phybe cried as she lead the line.” I think I just might faint,” she slowly dropped her body to the floor, “Oh, the irony! I need water!” Phybe said in a raspy voice with the back of her palm to her forehead.

Ryan sucked his teeth long and hard, “Why did you pursue Modeling? You would be an Oscar winning actress. Okay we done for today ladies.” Ryan said as he put away his camera and folded up the tripod.

“Yes, my god.” Xena said falling to the floor and yanking off the heels from her feet. “My feet are going to be sore for a week.”

“My goodness you bunch is something else.” Ryan said rolling his eyes and pulling out his phone, no doubt to call his wife.

He and his wife were so adorable; they talked over the phone all the time. I don’t know how she managed with Ryan traveling all the time. Like if I was married to him I would want that fine piece of man in my arms all the time.

Most of all the modeling girls working with Ryan had a crush on him, Not I though; He was just some nice eye candy to me.

He treated everyone of us as if we where his daughters. He scolded us, and rewarded.

I thought of him as the father I always wanted.

I walked in to the girl’s dressing room and found myself a chair to sit in as I removed these heels from my feet.

“Your feet don’t hurt?” Ashley questioned me with a confused look covering her face.

“No, why?” I replied.

“In your pass lif3 you was either a stripper or a prostitute.” Xena commented making me bust out laughing.

“What!” I laughed.

“Yes! I believe so too. Cause this bitch got some tolerance when it comes to wearing heels.” Phybe said, agreeing with Xena.

I rolled my eyes at them taking off the Gold knee length dress I had been wearing to change into my sweats and hoodie.

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