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Pen Your Pride

Ok Before I start I just want to say that I don't own all the Characters. They belong to stephine Meyer. Btw, She's an Amazing Writer. I own a few but the Rest are hers. I hope you like it.


Emilys POV

I was happy that my Cousin Missed me. I haven't seen him in forever. He's so over protective. But anyways, I get to see the Rest of them. Even Renesmee now. Edward calls me constantly, but I don't mind. I looked up at the sky, it's constantly covered with Clouds. But I love Canada. I stoped at the border. Looked back. Then I began Running. Speed. It's only one of my specialties. I'm different. Than my Edward and the Rest of the Cullens. I'm not a vampire.

I left leaves Crunching of leaves under me. The wind in my hair. I stoped then my hair fell pin straight down to the middle of my back. I heard Breathing. Heavy Breathing. I turned to be faced by a wolf. Like a HUGE wolf. His name was Seth.

" Hello Seth"

He growled a bit. I petted his head. He was really cute.Although he was ten times bigger than I was. But then We both heard it. The howl of a hybrid. A big hybrid. He was black with huge Teeth. We were on his territory. He was mad. I tried controling his mood. But I couldn't. The thing is. He didn't want me. He wanted Seth. But I couldn't run and leave him by himself. If he gets bitten. He wont be able to phase back into a human. He's only about 15. I know I've only Just met him. But I feel like I have to protect him. I had a dream about this in Ireland. He was supposed to lead me to something. Or Someone.

" Seth you have to go, Run!!" I whispered to him. He shook his head and Growled. " Seth Please" I said again.

He has a family and I'm sure a pack. So where are they?. The hybrid Charged. I glanced back at seth. Who wasn't moving. The full moon shing on his fur. I sighed. Once he found out what I was. He would kill me himself. Edwards Going to flip. But I have to save him I can't let him die.

Pain Shot up me arm and on my side. He bit me. I was light headed and Hot. I ran towards him. But he threw me against the a tree. I couldn't get up. I should heal very quickly.

I slowly held up my hand locked it on the Hybrid who was now fighting, I closed it shut. My palms sweaty now. He fell to the Ground. My vision went Blurry, Then I blacked out.

Seth's POV

I cannot believe she Just saved me. I had a connection with this Girl. I was supposed to take her to someone. To Jake. I didn't know what she was though. That Hybrid could have killed her and bitten me. He was two inches away from biting me. All of the Sudden. He fell to the Ground. Not moving. I looked over at Her. She was blacked out. Blood over her arm and on her waist. It was soaking up her shirt. Fuck!! what am I going to do. I can't take her to the Hospital. I waited lying next to her. Watching her breathe. Slowly. Her chest rising and Falling. Finally Sam showed up. Only sam. He tossed me Shorts. I went behind a tree and put them on. I had a few brusies but I was ok. Better than her. I slowly picked her up. she wasn't heavy at all. She was pretty Hot too.

We walked up to Emilys House. The rest of the pack waiting outside. " Thanks for the Help guys."

I watched as Leah, My sister had tears in her eyes. Leah, Never Cries. Ever.

" OH, My Seth What did you do to this poor Girl" Emily said as I layed her upstairs as Emily told me.

" I didn't do this, a Hybrid did." I said simply. " Seth why were you in Canada?" Sam asked angry. I shrugged.

" She saved my life Emily, you have to help her" She nodded and shoved me out of her room.

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