Chapter Five:Eye For An Eye

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"I will protect him, Jax. I promise on my life." Eva whispered as she leaned in to kiss him, the feds pulling him from her and pushing her aside. In that moment, she tried to feel sorry for him, but her hate and bitterness for him was clouding her heart.

"Take Abel and go, now!" Gemma said as she handed Eva keys to a car from the shop that the club used. Eva scooped up Abel in his car seat and hurried to the green ford pickup with Luke, her right-hand man needed in case the heat turned to them. The renegades knew of the plan, but not the hideout, some of them not so good at keeping their mouths shut.

Eva knew that the next few months would be a test for her, but being away from Jax was going to feel like heaven since in that moment she couldn't even stand the mention of his name. She started the car, rolling down her window as Gemma walked up to the truck.

"Don't try anything stupid Eva, Jax may trust you—but I don't. You hurt that boy, or Jax and you will pay for it." Gemma said causing Eva to lower her sunglasses down to her nose. She smirked and rolled the window up, rushing out of the clubhouse parking lot before the feds could question her about her affiliation with the club.

"Don't let him get to you, she is going through a rough time." Luke said, catching Eva off guard since he was defending Gemma. She scoffed and kept her eyes on the road, knowing that they had to get out of Charming, and away from the Sons of Anarchy.


"I don't know how this is gonna work man, he has connections, and is well liked." Juice whispered as he sat on a bench with Jax, his entire body shaking as he felt eyes on him.

"We need to get to him." Jax insisted as he shot another glance at the man who had tortured Eva all those years ago. He was a tall, chubby man with salt and pepper hair, and a kind smile. He didn't look or act like the kind of man who could rape and torture a woman for years, but Jax knew that men like him never did.

"So you get to him, then what?" Tigs asked as he sat down, all of them wearing the bright orange suits that reminded them they had been lied to. Jax however knew that Agent Stahl had been killed by the club's hand, the IRA framed for it bringing the heat away from SAMCRO.

"I get him to admit what he did, then we kill him." Jax said, his gaze shifting as two guys started to fight. He knew that what he wanted was risky, but it had to happened and soon.

"Isn't that a little—much? We can't just go after one of the most protected and liked man in this prison. He is also still part of the Renegades, Jesus Christ this could blow back on us. "Clay said as he tried to keep his hand over his mouth as he spoke.

"We get him in a cell, a cell that belongs to one of the Russians—and do it there. We need to get the Russians away from their cells though." Jax said as he looked over at the fence, his mind trying to come up with the perfect plan that didn't involve anyone getting hurt. It had been three weeks since his incarceration, three long weeks of not knowing what the hell was going on.

He had called Eva everyday, and each time not gotten an answer, his stomach churning as he feared something was wrong. The guard yelled for them to get in line, Jax, still racking his brain as he tried to figure out the best way to pull off the plan. He didn't want Eva living in a constant fear and he sure as fuck wasn't going to let that piece of shit off the hook.

"Those who need to make calls, come with me!" One CO yelled, Jax rushing over to the line as he needed to try once more to get ahold of Eva. He needed to know how Abel was doing, shit he just needed to hear a familiar voice.

After waiting for nearly fifteen minutes, it was his turn. His hand clutched the black phone as he rested his hand on the wall. His heart was racing as he heard the familiar clicks of someone answering.

"Eva?" He said, hoping it didn't get cut off since he only had a few precious moments to talk. He heard Eva sniff, his heart sinking as he knew she had no doubt been crying. "Eva? What's wrong? Is it Abel? Eva?" He said, anger taking over as he hated the fact that he was in jail and away from his baby boy. He was out of control and it was killing him with each passing day.

"Abel is fine, Jax. Gemma is feeding him so I can make arrangements." She said, her voice cracking as Jax heard her muffled cries through the phone. He looked at the clock, knowing he had just a few more minutes left, minutes that felt like seconds in jail.

"Arrangements? Eva, what's goin on?" He demanded, forgetting that others could hear him. He didn't care about that, all he wanted to know was what was happening with his wife, a fake wife but a wife none the less.

"It's my father Jax—he killed himself. His pain—just got too much and he shot himself in the head. I tried to stop him, I tried, I tried so hard but he just didn't want to live anymore!" Eva cried, her words and sadness bringing tears to his eyes. 

"Eva—Jesus Christ I am so sorry—shit." He said, unable to think of the right words in that situation. They had their differences, but he felt her pain, his father dying senselessly when he younger. He wished he could hold her, and comfort her the way that a man should, but he knew that she would never let him close.

He wanted to break the walls that had separated them, but each time had ended in failure. He couldn't make her see him as anything more than a womanizing criminal, but after all that's exactly what he was. Jax was starting to care for Eva, as much as he tried to push it away and deny it. Seeing her as a real person, and not as what he had been brought up to believe was changing him in ways he never thought possible.

"I have no one now Jax, no real family—I am completely alone." She said, her words so soft and low that Jax could barely hear her. It scared him how much her pain was effecting him, his heart opening up and letting her in.

"One minute remaining on call" The automated voice said, making Jax furrow his brow as he felt that five minutes wasn't enough to fully talk to anyone.

"You have the club and you have—me believe it or not. I am here for you Eva, as much as I can be." He confessed, hoping that it sounded as genuine as he was meaning it. His heart sank when he heard her scoff at his words, not shocked however since their last conversation had been a disaster.

"You are here for you Jax, I am simply the best of a bad situation right now. Look, I know you are trying to save face for others—but you don't have to pretend to care—I know" The call cut off, Jax slamming the phone down on the receiver as his anger got the best of him. He knew that he only had himself to blame for how she felt, but he felt that all he needed was that one chance.

"Teller, let's go." The guard said as he pushed him forwards, his eyes narrowing as he looked back at him. He hated the shit he was in, but he knew with good behavior it would be a short ride. He walked into his cell, finally sitting on his bunk as he heard the shutting of his door. He grabbed some paper and pencil from the desk, his mind going over all he wanted to say.

He let the pencil do the talking for him, knowing that letters would be his best bet when it came to Eva. He didn't know the woman he married, just the rumors that surrounded her. He wanted to know her, the woman behind the ruthless bitch she hid behind. He wrote until the lights shut off that night, hoping that when this letter found her, it was a new beginning and not an ending.


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