Chapter Five:Eye For An Eye

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Welcome to chapter five! The response to this story has been amazing! I finally have someone cast for Eva's bestfriend and VP of the Renegades, hope you enjoy the chapter!

"You got it?" Jax asked as he watched Eva pack the last bit of Abels thing in the suitcase, his heart sinking as he knew this was the last time he would see his son for a while. Eva was taking Abel to an undisclosed location until the heat on the club cooled down, their marriage filed and legal through the court making her Abel's legal guardian.

"I got it, Jax." She said as she aggressively pulled the suitcase shut and zipped it up, a gut feeling telling her that the FBI was on its way to the club at that very moment. She stood up and zipped up her jacket, pulling her hair into a tight ponytail and slipping her shades on, her mind trying to concentrate on the drive ahead.

"I will call you every week on the phone we got you, just five minutes and no details, they will be monitoring our calls." Jax explained, his tone harsh as he talked down her Eva, as if she was a silly little girl who knew nothing.

"Yes, I know that, Jax. I also know that babies drink from bottles, and that I when my stomach hurts I have eat. Any other common fucking sense things you wanna throw at me?" She hissed as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"I am handing over the most important person in my life, to a heartless fucking bitch. Do not test me, Eva. I am not the mood for your petty shit." He hissed back as he slipped his cut on, his eyes burning into hers as he tried to remain as calm as possible.

"Yeah, and I gave up part of my life and put aside my plans for the most selfish asshole in existence. You are a fucking prick, Jackson Teller and when you get out, I file for divorce." She hissed as she picked up the suitcase and threw open the bedroom door, the knob slamming into the wall causing a hole.

"We have to sell this to the guys, and to the FBI. If they see us fighting they will annul the marriage and take Abel from me. Stop being such a fucking bitch, and help me out." Jax hissed as he grabbed her arm, pulling her back into the room.

"I guess I can fake it for ten more minutes, you should be used to that Jax, all your women fake it with you." She said as she yanked her arm from his grip, throwing him the finger as she walked down the hall.

"At least I can say that someone gave me the time of day, no man wants your fuckin ass. You coldhearted whore." He hissed, his comment digging into Eva like a dagger causing her heart to race and tears to well up in her eyes.

"Fair enough, Jax." She said as she wiped a tear away before it could fall below her sunglasses. Jax sighed as he realized what he had said, his mind remembering the conversation from the night before. The horrible things Eva had endured at the hands of a madman. "Eva—I"

"Say one more word Jax, and I drop Abel off at the police station and Annul this marriage. You—are a fucking animal." Eva whispered, her lips quivering as his words had cut her more than she had expected. She took a deep breath and held her composer, holding her hand out to Jax knowing that the club was just outside the door.

Jax slipped his hand in hers and walked outside, just in time to hold and kiss Abel one last time before Agent Stahl and her men drove up on the guys arresting him, Happy, Clay, Juice, Bobby, and Tigs. The club was a mess and the men were confused, but the guys looked confidant that justice would prevail.

"Take care of my son, Please Eva, I am begging you." Jax whispered as Eva, ran to hug him, making sure to shed a tear and protest his arrest. She wanted nothing to look fake, and so far, each side of the MC was buying it.

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