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{ so this should look familiar, if you have read my one shots? Yes. This is the prologue, from no ones POV. I guess this is GODS POV. Through Harry's mind. Hehe I kid. OH YES IS DEDICATED TO MY LOVELY BANANA-Y. WHO PUSHED ME THROUGH MY DOUBT AND NOW HERE IS THIS STORY. OK ON WITH THIS SHOW. }

It was one of those nights you heard happy young adults talking about on TV, saying it was just beautiful and magical and perfect out. Just enough cold for it to really be winter, the stars shining above, a back sky to contrast the stars, and a big beautiful Christmas Tree about to be lit. Well, Harry is not in a TV show, so he wasn't obligated to say anything of that sort. The night was absolutely horrendous, in his opinion. The sky was just a bleak looking black/gray, there was a strong wind, and he was actually freezing. Harry stuffed his hands into his small pockets, but his wrists still hung over the edges. A pout appeared on Harry's quickly chapping lips. He still couldn't believe he had let Liam convince him into doing this.

Right after Thanksgiving, there was a large, over-elegant ceremony where the out of proportion Christmas tree in front of the credit union building was lit up to mark the beginning of the holiday season. Harry's best friend Liam, who worked at the credit union, was in desperate need of more help for the event. Almost 5000 folding chairs needed to be arranged all through the emptied parking lots around the building. So Harry, being the good friend that he is, decided to volunteer. He had no idea that it would be dark. And 5000 chairs. And below freezing. So Harry was here, sulking in the corner. Until he realized that they would need more chairs all the way to the left of the Christmas tree. Sighing, Harry headed in the general direction of the extra chairs.

There was a choir setting up near the tree, and Harry looked over. They were young boys, and he knew they had the highest, sweetest voices in all of the city. "Well." Harry thought, picking his feet up a bit more as he walked. "The singing might be an upside to this night." He had made it to the pile of chairs, and noticed that there were more and more people piling in. He would have to get a move on with the chairs, if he wanted to be finished by the time the choir was starting to perform. Harry grabbed 2 chairs at a time, and started to place them in the already marked out rows. It continued like this for a while, just setting up the chairs by himself, but he wasn't complaining. The cold atmosphere around him put him in the mood for no social interaction whatsoever. But, that couldn't happen, as Harry saw more of the helpers coming over to him and picking up more chairs. Harry just rolled his eyes and stepped to the side.

The choir was warming up now, and Harry was glad he was done with the chairs. He had a nice spot to the side of the little stage and the tree, and there was a good view of everything about to happen. Harry looked around, and huffed a bit when he realized there weren't any chairs left for HIM to sit on! "The irony", Harry thought, adjusting his weight and shifting on his feet. At least he had his view, right? Wrong. Almost out of nowhere, a shorter figure appeared, and stood directly in front of him. Yes, he was shorter, but that wasn't the point. The point was Harry had found a good spot, and this guy just came and stood directly in front of him. He wasn't going to take this. As he walked forward, Harry thought about how terrible everything was today. The dark sky, the freezing air, the crowd, no seat, and now, not even a good view! This day honestly couldn't be any worse. But right before Harry tapped the man, he realized the day just got worse.

This man in front of him was gorgeous. Absolutely, blindingly gorgeous. He hadn't even seen him from the front yet, but Harry knew the man was walking perfection. The problem with this was, there was a beautiful man. In front of him. In his direct view of the stage. Harry couldn't bring himself to ask him to move! He was frozen (quite metaphorically due to this unreal human creature, and literally from the horrendous weather), and had to deal with this all night long. Harry wasn't much of a people person, especially "blindingly gorgeous" strangers in front of him at tree lighting ceremonies. Quietly, the choir had started up singing, and Harry stared, mouth agape, at the back of this strangers head. He felt stupid for falling so fast for a person he's only seen half of. And he had thought tonight would just be a cold, boring night. For the icing on this sickeningly sweet cake, the man in front of him starting to quietly sing along to the choir. Harry had to choke back a whine, because the man sounded like an angel. It honestly wasn't fair. He stomped his quickly freezing feet and silently moaned, and suddenly, the small figure whipped around.

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