"You are not supposed to draw attention to yourself." Remus snapped at me.

"I'm sorry. It won't happen again." I said.

"It better not. We don't need anyone questioning who you are. You're a lot like your father, especially your personality. People know that before he was sent to Azkaban, your father was a prankster with Harry Potter's father. We don't need anyone assuming anything."

"I'm really sorry. I'll make sure nothing like that happens again."

"Don't act like Fred. He will try to bring out the prankster in you, that we both know you have. We can't risk anyone, not even him finding out."

"Ok, I won't Remus." I said, walking off. I went back in the main room. Fred was talking to the man at the front desk. I walked up to him and listened.

"Yes, here's the money for the books." He said, handing a large handful of galleons to the cashier.

"Fred, you don't need to pay for my books." I said.

"Well, I feel bad for getting you in trouble so I'm buying your books."

The cashier handed me the books and said. "Have a nice day and a nice year at Hogwarts."

Remus hadn't come back yet, and I was worried were he was.

"Let's wait for my dad outside." I said. Fred nodded and followed me. I looked at the books Fred got for me. I felt bad that he paid for them, he didn't need to.

Just then, someone knocked the books from my hand. I looked up and saw a boy who I recognized as Draco Malfoy from my classes.

"Oh look, if it isn't Weaselby and Lupin. Are you buying Weaselby's books for him Lupin? I've heard the they are struggling with money."

"Malfoy, leave her alone. As a matter f fact I bought those books for Rhea." Fred said. I looked at him and whispered. "Let me handle this."

I took a step closer to Malfoy and stared at him coldly. He shot a smug look at me. I pushed him backwards and he tried to punch me. I ducked and both Fred and I drew our wands. Malfoy threw his hands up in surrender.

"Rhea! Fred! Put your wands on the ground this instant!" I heard Remus said. I sighed and dropped my wand. Fred dropped his too. Remus stormed over to us as Malfoy started laughing. I stormed over to him and punched him in the nose. He fell to the ground and immediately shot up. He looked at me and ran off. I picked up my books and looked at Remus.

He grabbed our wands and dragged us out of the shoppe. Once we were outside he gave us our wands back.

"What were you thinking?" He snapped at us.

"Malfoy was picking on Fred and I couldn't help it." I said.

"You can not cause a scene! How many times have I told you this?"

"I'm sorry! It's hard to not cause a scene when one of your only friends is getting picked on my someone younger than him! I wouldn't stand for it!"

"Look, Rhea, I'll go back to the Leaky Cauldron." Fred said, turning me to face him. "I've caused you enough trouble. Your dad probably doesn't want to see me."

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