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Logan- What do we tell Kendall?

You- Let me go find him, he is possibly still with Jo

Logan- Okay, be safe

You heard Kendall in his apartment and the door was open a little. You asked yourself... Should I really just walk in on them? Ugh lets do this. You walk in and see Jo and Kendall almost kiss.

You- Kendall?

You say as your voice cracks

Kendall- (Y/N)! It isn't what it looks like

You- Kendall, I really do think we should see different people

Kendall- No no no no no, Please... Don't leave me

You- it's already done...

You walk out of his apartment and go to yours. You call Logan

Logan- Hey, how did everything go?

You- well, when I walked in he was about to kiss Jo, so I told him that we should see other people and he was trying to make me forgive him. But I didn't

Logan- (Y/N) I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that

You- Logan, it's fine I saw it coming anyways, I mean she was someone that meant so much to him...

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