Chapter 2

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I laid down on my bed flipping through vogue magazine while chewing on my brownie which by the way is so delicious. Yeah Yeah I know I sound bored but trust me when I tell you its maximum comfort. I love reading magazines since when i was young so it's kind of a hobby.

Maryam:Aneesa when are you going back home?

Maryam and I have been friends since my first year at the University.
We studied medicine together, psychology to be precise, so we've been like sisters, our dream is to open a hospital together and it's finally going to come true, her Dad has agreed to fund us and am sure mine won't mind too cause his been supporting me for a long time now.

Me:it's been long since I've been to 9ja so am kind of nervous.

Maryam:no you went to your sisters weeding recently .

Me:yeah I forgot about that.

Well enough of our conversation with Maryam. My name is Aneesa Ibrahim the daughter of alhaji Ibrahim Bindawa and hajiya hajara Hussain. I have two siblings my elder brother Hafiz and elder sister Amatullah which by the way I love unconditionally. Am ambitious and have a goal I want to achieve. Usually when a woman who studies medicine finishes All your family talk about is marriage but for me marriage is the least of my concern, even if I'm going to get married maybe when I clock 30 which will be in 5 years, yeah am 25 years of age.

I was standing outside the Inamdi Azikwe airport waiting for my brother to pick me up who by the way is almost 20 minutes late. I was getting really tired of standing and decided to call a taxi when he arrived.

Me:where have you been, I've been standing here for almost 30 minutes.

Hafiz:I hear you, can't you give your brother a hug ?

I hugged him cause God knows I've missed him a lot, I came to Nigeria months ago but he traveled for business purposes so we didn't meet.

Hafiz:it's been a year since I've seen you and it's like you've grown shorter.

Me:what? You mean taller cause I've grown 2cm taller.

Hafiz:you shouldn't say that out loud it's kind of embarrassing.

Me: what ever.

As we drove home we kept chatting and catching up. He hasn't changed at all which made me think of the old days. my mom had only 3 of us so we were really close, we've been always there for each other and managed to stick together.
We arrived at home and he pulled over at the parking lot , as soon as I got out of the car I saw mama standing in front of the house, I ran and hugged her which made her laugh.

Mama:Zaki sa na fadi aii

Me:mama I missed you so much.

Mama:I missed you too my baby

We went inside and left ya hafiz struggling with my suit cases.

I entered the living room where baba was sitting and quickly rushed over to hug him, he was so excited to see me.

Baba:am so happy your back home.

Me:me too it's been so long.

Baba:you should eat, pray and rest. Tomorrow inshallah we'll catch up OK?

Me: okay baba

Just as I was told I went to my room where I prayed and took a hot bath, i wore my pj's and tied my hair in a messy bun and I was good to go. After dinner I went straight to bed. I could swear because of how tired I was, I snored.

I woke up by 6:45 and performed my subhi prayer and went back to bed. By 12:15 I was up again, took my bath and headed downstairs. Baba and mama were sitting in the living room watching AL Jazeera, I joined them too. We were watching when baba asked

baba:anisa what do you plan on doing next?

Me: well baba me and Maryam have decided on something, well she asked her dad and his OK with it, so I wanted to ask you something too.

Baba:go ahead am listening.

Me:for a long time now we've been planing on opening our own hospital, and now that we've finished that's all we've been talking about, her Dad agreed to fund us and hopefully I wanted to ask if you'd do the same.

Baba: anisa that's a good idea. But for me as a father that isn't what I want, your already 25 and your getting older, for me I want you to get married first.

As soon as he said that I hear my Heart skip a beat.

Me:baba right now marriage isn't what I've planned out for myself I really want to open this hospital first.

Baba:i know but whatever the case might be it's time you should.

Me:but baba I still have time marriage isn't important.

Baba: that's my problem with you anisa, your too ambitious, and so stubborn all you ever do is what you want disregarding our wishes but this time that won't happen, your getting married first and that's final.

He stood up and left in anger. I ran upstairs to my room and started crying, this isn't what i want, marriage isn't the solution, it's going to ruin everything I've worked so hard to achieve. I spent the whole evening in my room without eating.

Around 8:45 pm ya hafiz came back from work, he must have heard what happened from mama so he came to my room.

Hafiz:anisa are you okay?

Me:of course am not, I've waited all my life to make something of myself and now baba is saying I should get married.

Hafiz :I know more than anyone how hard you've worked for this, but baba is really adamant about you getting married first. You know he never does anything without a reason so I think you should trust him on this, his also been upset all day and refuses to eat, so go and apologize to him and whatever it is accept it, If it's meant to happen weather you like it or not it will.

After he left I sat and thought about what he said and he was actually right, baba has always supported me in everything I've done regardless of what it was, so if for the first time he wants me to do something for him why shouldn't I, I felt guilty about how I acted earlier and I went downstairs to apologize.

Me:baba am sorry for earlier, I shouldn't have argued with you, am sure you want the best for me and whatever it is am willing to do it.

He looked at me and adjusted his glasses.

Baba:alhamdulilah, This is how you should have acted in the first place, I know it's also hard for you but I believe the person I chose for you is from a good background, his actually your 3rd cousin. kuma Allah yayi Miki albarak.

Me:amen amen

After our conversation i went back to my room to cry my eyes out.

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