Ava's sitting on an ornate bench in the wood-paneled hallway of the upper floor dorm wing. She has her feet tucked beneath her and is quietly reading a book. Farid, headed for the Vampyr wing, passes by. Ava doesn't notice him until Farid backs up and ducks down to see what she's reading.

FARID: The Alchemist, huh?

Ava looks up and when she sees that it's him she smiles, despite herself.

AVA: Yeah, I found it in the library. I thought it was a textbook at first. (She laughs.) Then I realized it was Paul Coelho and I've been meaning to read this book in, like, forever. I just needed to take a break from all the combat training and you know, Otherworlder history. (She rolls her eyes.)

Farid smiles as he leans back against the post on the opposite wall.

FARID: Yeah, I know what you mean. Time with the Masters, while educational, is (He smiles)  You know, I really loved that book. I read it when I was, like, 13 or 14. It totally changed my life...well, that and the Tao Te Ching.

Ava's smile grows wider.

AVA: Me too! Well, I read the Tao of Pooh version when I was 9, but still, me too!

They laugh together. Then Ava closes her book and tilts her head to the side, considering Farid carefully.

AVA: Can I ask you a question?

FARID: Sure.

AVA: Are you and Sebastian the same age? You seem so much more...(She treads carefully)...well, mature than he is.

Farid laughs out loud.

FARID: Yeah, we are. And, believe me, you're not the first to say that.

He looks down the hall, then back at her. He's a little more serious now.

FARID: But I'm...uh...well, I'm actually older, by about 10 minutes.

Ava scrunches up her face, confused.

AVA: Oh, so wait, you're...twins?

Farid shakes his head slowly.

AVA: Step-brothers?

Farid shakes his head again. After a beat.

FARID: We're half-brothers. Same father, different mothers.

Ava nods...then does the math in her head. Okay, now she's really confused.

AVA: But wait you said you were born 10 minutes apart. So, does that mean--

FARID: --that my father has more than one wife? Yes, it does.

AVA: Oh...

Ava tries to hide her shock.

FARID: He has four, actually. Sebastian's mother is our father's first wife--that's why he's a First Son. My mother is his second wife, making me a Second Son...and so on and so on...

AVA: I see. I'd actually wondered about that...

Ava nods as she tries to take it all in. She shifts, avoiding Farid's gaze. Farid notices this and tucks his hands deeper into his jeans pockets.

FARID: So does that make you...uncomfortable?

AVA: What? That your father's a...(She pauses, reluctant to say it.)

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