Imagine 82: Tease

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Kylie teases Y/N, making him sexually frustrated until he can't take it anymore.

Y/N's pov;
"Babe no!" Kylie squealed as I tried to spray her with the hose. We're supposed to be washing my Ferrari but its turned into more of us messing around then actually washing my car.

I let out a loud laugh and continued to chase her around. I finally sprayed her with the hose, causing her to become soaking wet.

"Thanks now I have to go change because i cannot ruin this shirt." She said in an annoyed tone. I just laughed and continued to wash my car.

Kylie's pov;
As I was walking back into the house to change, an idea suddenly popped into my head causing a huge smirk to spread on my face.

I decided to tease Y/N since he thinks wetting me is so funny. I quickly ran upstairs and entered our room. I quickly stripped from my clothes and dried off. I then walked into his closet and pulled out one of his plain white t-shirts. I put it on and looked in the mirror, making sure it was kinda see through.

I smirked and walked out of our room. I then ran down the stairs and out to the front yard. I could see Y/N still washing his car. I smiled and slowly walked up behind him.

I hugged him from behind, causing him to stop singing. "Hey." I mumbled as I started to run my hands over his abs. "Hey." He sighed. I could tell he was getting ready to spray me again because he started to turn the water pressure on the hose up.

He suddenly whipped around and drenched me with the hose. "Oh fuck." He mumbled when he saw that I was wearing his shirt. Not to mention the fact that it's white and see through.

I noticed he was staring at my boobs, making me smirk. "What's wrong?" I smirked as I walked up to him. He just stayed silent and continued to stare at me. I let out a little laugh and pecked his lips. I then leaned against him, pressing my boobs up against his chest.

"Fuck you look so hot right now." He groaned as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I could feel my cheeks heating up. I slowly grabbed his hands and put them on my ass.

He went to kiss me but I quickly turned my head that way he kissed my cheek. "Let's wash the car." I smirked. "O-ok." He stuttered.

I got a sponge and started to soap it up, making sure to get some soap on me as well. I looked up and was met with Y/N staring at me. His eyes showed nothing but lust.

I smiled and bent down to the bucket that the soap was in, showing him everything. I could here him mumbling something under his breath as I took my time gathering the soap with the sponge.

I then stood back up and went back to washing the car. I kept "accidentally" wetting the shirt so my boobs would be on full display for him.

All of a sudden, I felt Y/N hug me from behind. He quickly spun me around before pushing me up against the car. "Good thing we live on a private road or else everyone would be able to see me fucking you senseless." He whispered in my ear.

He started to grind against me, making me let out a little moan. "Let's go inside baby. We can finish the car later." I breathed as I ran my hands over his abs.

"Fine by me." He smirked. He smacked my ass, making me jump and wrap my legs around his waist. He smashed his lips into mine and started to carry me towards the house.

He started to kiss my neck as he carried me into the house. Let's just say we had a lot of sex and im pretty sure we got noise complaints that day.

Hope you enjoyed that. If you have any requests, just comment or DM me. :)

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