Chapter Nineteen

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'Are you alright a ghrá mo chroí?' Nathaniel said the moment I stepped into his bedroom. Well I guess it was our bedroom now...

I looked up from my feet to look at the man I was going to share a bed with. The man that I'd fallen in love with the moment I met him and the man that I had just moved in with even though I'd only known him for a little over two weeks.

He was sprawled out on the bed, dressed only in a pair of loose sweats that clung low on his hips. In the lighting his skin looked faintly golden and he looked downright edible the way the muscles on his chest were defined.

If it weren't for that nearly lethal aura he possessed he could have stepped right out of a magazine as a male model. But no model could look as dangerous as he could...

'Amelia?' he prompted me when I still hadn't answered his question. Not that he minded that much by the smirk on his lips, he liked that I had been staring.

Fighting the blush that wanted to color my cheeks red I nodded, 'Yes I'm okay... It's just that Hayden said something.'

Nathaniel arched a brow in question as he crooked a finger, 'Come here Ams.'

'Let me get my PJ's first,' I told him. I took them out of the wardrobe that still looked pitifully empty on my side and then hurried to the en suite bathroom. I ignored the faintly amused look on his face, it was clear he thought I should just change into them right there in front of him.

In the bathroom I quickly changed and then brushed my teeth. After a look in the mirror I decided to give my hair a brush too... I hated how it always got so easily tangled, it wasn't that I had particularly curly hair but it never stayed in place.

Frowning as I thought over the words Hayden had last uttered I walked back into the bedroom a few minutes later. What did he mean with it? I couldn't let it rest, tomorrow I'd have to carefully ask Hay what he'd meant.

Somehow the thought that my father had been visiting him at night was almost as unappealing as the thought that Hayden's real birth father had been visiting him. A demon or an abusive man?

I nearly screamed when I bumped into something hard, warm and very solid on my way over to the bed.

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