Draco x reader Part 1

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A/N: I'm gonna be Draco's twin and he's gonna be a first year like you but i'm gonna be in year three.

Your P.O.V
Hi! I'm (Name)! I'm a first year at Hogwarts and I'm kinda nervous because what if I don't get (favorite house besides slytherin). All of my family has been in (favorite house).

-time skip-
Still your P.O.V
So we just got off of the train and now we are heading inside of Hogwarts. I was walking besides Harry Potter but I don't know that it was him until I saw a boy with slicked back hair trying to friend him. After that Harry declined his friendship offer we went into the great hall to get sorted into ours houses. I saw a girl from the Slytherin table waving at Draco who waved back.

-time skip-

"(First Name)(Last Name)!!!" I heard my name being called so I walked up to the stool. It took some time for the hat to decide what house I should be in. "(favorite house)." The hat yelled. 

A/N: Sorry it's short it's almost 2 clock in the morning and I have to wake up at 6 for school

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