A Birthday To Remember (Expiring Series)

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The air is mortal as you step up to the front doors of the Estate. You're still a little bit nervous, so you dig into your pocket to look at the invitation one more time.

It reads in Purple, Times New Roman font:

You are cordially invited to a soiree hosted by Douglas Booth to celebrate Wattpad's official birthday party. Dancing, dying and blondies will be plentiful. We do hope to see your lavish face there. November 22nd, 2016 at midnight. Please dress in your best button up shirt and don't forget your gun for the present swap!

You take a deep breath and are about to walk inside, when the door suddenly swings with a ahsdjflsjdlfErikskljdfklsjfl.

You're surprised to see Sam Riley standing there in the flesh, all immortal and alive. You're not sure if you have the courage to talk to them right now, so you scurry inside like a(n) dolphin and join the party, making a mental note to drum up a conversation with them later on over grilled cheese.

Once inside, the party takes your breath away. Everyone is already fighting wildly on the dancefloor.

Apocalypse plays loudly from the speakers and you can't help but do the waltz. You had always shipped Loki and Mr. Darcy so you're not entirely surprised to see them driving together in the corner. Jane Austen and Rob Thier are having a rap battle in the centre of the room, while several Whovians are gushing over the latest update of Storm and Silence on their phones.

The whole atmosphere is electric. It looks like Wonderland on Amoria in the middle of Christmas and you can't imagine anything better.

"Happy Birthday, Wattpad," you say with a smile, "Here's to another 10 years!"

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