chapter 3- Living Together (Part 2)

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He didn't mean to touch her, yet. Eh, guess his hand slip too early. Oh, C'mon he was only trying to protect himself from her sharp iron claws. That's called self-defense, right? ... Besides, she started it! If she didn't give him that kiss that she owed him in the first place then everything wouldn't have happened! And moreover, he assembled her bed! Ah, that feisty female is going to pay!

Tyler growled, "She's definitely going to pay!-Ow..." He winced, touching his head. He has to finish that proposal on Monday, and he hasn't started on it yet. Who said being a Project Manager for a big Architectural company was easy? Slacking off, thinking of-

Before he could think of anything else, he heard that cute Brunette's footsteps passing by his room. "Probably unpacking her stuffs" He thought, lying back on his bed with his hands over his head. "I wonder is she's still mad..."


Next day...

"Good morning."

"Morning yourself, pervert." The voice spoke back.

A delicate smile displayed on his handsome features as he went to open the fridge for orange juice. "Hey, I'm sorry for yesterday. You know my hand just slipped."

"Right." She said muttering something else in a deadly silence that that pervert could not take notice of ."Asshole."

She quietly ate her toast as she sat down on the chair that was 'his furniture'. Of course, she didn't want to, but she didn't have a choice. Besides, where would she sit? On the cold wooden floor? NO WAY!... And now she's eating his bought bread and drinking his bought orange juice, which he didn't mind. Ah, she should have gone back to her room and skip breakfast totally!..No, she should skip the whole day just to avoid that horrible perverted face from her sight!

Finishing the moist bread in her mouth, she quickly finished drinking her orange juice and stood up.

"Hey, where are you going? Leaving so soon?"

"Why? Can't I?" She asked turning around with a hiss.

He smiled." No, I just thought that we could get to know each other."

"In your dreams, ass." She turned her heels to go back to her room but his manly hand held her wrist not letting her move an inch. Mekaela stumbled back, falling on...his lap! "Oh, how sweet your comment is. Do you know that you hunt my dreams since yesterday?" Tyler said sarcastically with a smile. His plan went smoothly and now just the last finishing touches.

His arm coiled around her slender waist in order to keep her from fleeing his sight. No way in hell was he letting her go. After dreaming about her all night long, he certainly wasn't letting her go easily. His male hormones that were craving for her weren't making it easier for him to control himself when he saw her just this morning in her cute light green housecoat. It tickled his mind as he wondered what she was wearing underneath that housecoat. A see-through nightgown? PJs? Nothing? Ahh, yes, he would love that. That little tigress would look good in anything as well as nothing-  there he goes again in dreamland.

As the pretty lady sits just seconds on his laps he dreams of her..what a pity. Poor messed up guy, the girl is just there infront of your eyes, he could do anything. Ay..hopefully he finds help with his daydream state. Fast.

As the Mekaela sits nicely on his lap and her exotic scent so close to him that it intoxicated his nostrils with each second of breath he took, he can finally find himself peace or maybe not.

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