1) The Hogwarts Express

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April was weighed down by her trunk as she dragged it along the train. It was almost sad, in a way, to think that it would be the last time she'd have to drag her old trunk along the Hogwarts Express. She'd miss the noise.

April had chosen the last carriage of the train to sit with her friends since their second year. It was both convenient and massively annoying. They were always alone, which was great and all, but it took almost ten minutes just to get the end of the train.

April wasn't surprised to see that Charlie was sitting there already, curled around a sketch pad and dressed in his school uniform. He always beat her to the carriage. Charlie had to arrive early, since he travelled with one of their professors.

"Hi," April greeted cheerfully. It may be their last year but it was their last year together.

Charlie looked up from his sketch book and smiled at her. In their first year when she'd asked to sit, he'd been so absorbed in sketching that he had thrown his wand in her direction. (Which showed like zero survival instincts. He was a wizard.)

"Hello April." Without fail, for the last seven years Charlie's accent had always taken her by surprise. Letters didn't do his accent justice. (At least half of the reason why she had such a big crush on him last year was imagining them in a Downtown Abbey style period romance. Which was very cringe now she thought about it.)

"Where's Ram?" Although they hadn't got off to the best start, the Hufflepuff was still one of April's best friends.

"He was looking for Tanya." April nodded, Tanya and Ram were best friends, almost as close as her and Charlie, despite the age gap. Tanya was probably smarter then all of them combined, if she was being honest.

Charlie held up his book, showing her a pretty impressive sketch of their school. It was drawn under twinkling stars, making Hogwarts look even more magical.

"I'll miss it," April said, sighing. Hogwarts had been her home for so long, leaving it behind would undoubtedly be heart-breaking. It had been all she had thought of during the summer.

"My drawings?" Charlie asked, in adorable confusion. (No one pulled off adorable confusion quite like Charlie.)

"Hogwarts. I might not have always fit in but it's home." Not fitting in was an understatement. Maybe she should have let the sorting hat put her in Ravenclaw. She would at least be with her best friend then. But home was right. Charlie, Ram and Tanya were like a second family to April in a way. The best second family in the world.

"I didn't have anyone before I came here." Charlie looked out the window sadly. April believed him. Charlie grew up in Rhodian Manor, orphaned with only his pretty unwilling guardian. It was heartbreaking, April had thought, growing up with their usually quite mean Professor Quill for his only company.

"You're my best friend Charlie," April said, making sure to smile at him. Sometimes to stop him from getting lost in thoughts of his past, you had to remind Charlie of his present. (She really should start writing folk songs. She had the teen angst for it.)

"How sweet," Ram drawled. April hadn't even noticed him come in. He was already in uniform but untidily. Even though Ram couldn't have had it on for longer than fifteen minutes, his yellow and black striped tie was already untucked and his jumper had dirt (or chocolate) on it. Ram was followed by Tanya, who was playing on a DS.

"Hi guys," Tanya greeted, taking a seat next to Charlie without taking her eyes away her fight with Bowser jr. April had to admire her dedication.

Ram took the empty seat next to April. He was smiling and messing up his hair; both signs he was in a good mood. "So, what did I miss? Apart from heartfelt confessions."

"We were just talking about Hogwarts. Which you would know if you were ever on time." Ram was good at many things - Quidditch, potions, picking up girls - but timing wasn't one of them.

Ram shrugged. "People to see. Just a side effect of being incredibly popular and handsome."

April hit him on the shoulder. "And modest?"

"You know it." Ram smirked. How the boy got into Hufflepuff was still a mystery. But then so was her own house. April didn't exactly scream brave and reckless Gryffindor. More like brave-ish Gryffindor really.

"It's our last year. The next time we're one this train it'll be away from Hogwarts forever." April looked out the window as London blurred past them in a haze. It was going fast, just like her limited time at Hogwarts. (She really should write folk music. Or poetry.)

"Real optimism there, April," Ram replied sarcastically. "Glad you're here to keep it light."

April rolled her eyes at him. Neither of her other friends joined in; Tanya was still absorbed on her DS, properly making the most of her time with electricity and Charlie was watching the screen with fascination. (He didn't see a lot of technology, a mix of being a 'pure' blood wizard and spending most of his time either in school or in a mansion in the middle of Sheffield.)

"Still..." Ram continued, looking uncharacteristically thoughtful "who won't miss Hogwarts?"

April smiled. "You'll just miss the food."

"The food is amazing. But you're right, this is our last year." April smiled with determination. "We got to make this the best year ever then."

We all need a Hogwarts Class AU.

Hogwarts Houses and why:
Ravenclaw: Charlie (Rhodian seem to strive on intelligent. He also fits the more creative side of Ravenclaw. I'd see Charlie as a hat stool between Gryffindor since he's also brave and chivalrous) and Tanya (she's smart enough to skip three years, so that ones obvious)
Gryffindor: April (fighting an alien king with swords!)
Hufflepuff: Ram (maybe less expected? I feel like his loyalty makes him a good Hufflepuff)
Slytherin: Miss Quill (she's ambitious and cunning, although I'd see her as a hat stool like Charlie, between Slytherin and Gryffindor)

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