BTS V Stigma Theory Part 2

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''Stop crying and tell me something, tell me, I am a coward'' (V speaking): ''Why were you like to me back then?'' ''I'm sorry''.

He want's them to tell him how they feel and what they think about him and when he speaks it could be a likely conversation of the 2 of them and V is the one who is saying sorry.

''Forget it, I am in no position to say anything. Would I say to you 'do this and do that' ''. By this he could mean that he wouldn't tell them to do anything and before that he says he isn't in the position to say things like that anyway.

''I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry my sister. No matter how much I hide it or cover it up, it doesn't go away. So cry, please dry my eyes''. He could be saying the same about his sister about no matter how hard he tries they will always be there. She could cry when she finds out and he could also be crying as well so he would want his sister to dry his eyes and get rid of his tears.

''That light, that light illuminates my sins. Only the red blood falls, unable to be turned back''. Something makes his sins stand out and the only thing that falls is blood which could imply self-inflicting actions and it will always be there.

''Everyday I want to die even more. Let me take the punishment, grant me ablutions from my sins'' because someone else has the punishment he wants to die because he knows they don't deserve it and he wants it so that he gets the punishment and becomes guilty for the sins he committed. He wants the guilt from his sins.

Then right at the end he says ''please''  which means that the guilt of him watching someone else go through his punishment is too much and he is begging that the pain for them stops and he goes through it instead because he can't bear to watch them go through such punishment that they don't deserve.

That's the end of v's Stigma theory I hope you guys like it :) I'll be publishing more of the BTS member's songs soon.

All credit goes to @zara_239 on twitter.

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