Second boys will be first choice

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The next morning all of the previous events seemed to have faded from moods of the teens and happiness seemed to fill the room. Pete and Patrick had decided to skip that day of school once they found out that Dan and Phil were leaving the next morning to go to their real destination of Los Angles for a YouTuber convention. Apparently their channels had gotten quite popular and the American fans demanded a meet and greet or something along those lines. What ever the case, they spent the whole day hanging out in attempt to make up for their last few years of loss.

   There was still somewhat of a problem due to Pete's parents and when ever they would go upstairs to gather food, the couple stared at them like poison. It was awkward to say the least. Even so, the day didn't go to waste as they managed to forget about the troubles.

A/N: i know this parts shitty but i was too lazy to really explain SORRY


   "Well it was seriously great to see you guys. I don't want you to go." Pete smiled, giving his guests hugs as their taxi pulled up. "Same. We will definitely have to keep in touch." Phil smiled back looking like a literal ray of sunshine.
  "Yeah it was so nice. Come back anytime!" Patrick agreed, giving them hugs as well. "We will." Dan nodded as they allowed the taxi driver to put their suitcases in the front, the two hopping in the back as they drove away.

     "Well that sucks. Anyways, we need to leave." Patrick said, turning to his boyfriend. "For what? We don't leave for school for another 30 minutes."

"Oh, we need to stop at Dallon's for a little bit before hand to give him a ride." He replied throwing his backpack over his shoulder as they walked to the car. He hadn't had a chance to stop at Dallon's house since Phil came with him and he felt quite guilty. He knew Dallon wasn't extremely injured and that he could still do things for himself but Patrick still felt like he needed to pick him up off his feet.

    The car was silent as they drove away except for the quiet hum of the radio until Pete turned to him slightly, a small smile on his lips. "You know i love you right? Im so proud of how far you have come compared to the boy a met in the summer. Its a pleasure to know how much happier you are since that night  I saw you outside of the event hall. You are sweet, caring and easily the best person I've ever dated or known and i really hope you see yourself as that too. I love you." He finished off, grabbing his hand.

  "Well crap. How am i supposed to top that?" He said, watching Pete giggle slightly. "I love you too Petey. More than you will ever know."


   "Dallon?" Patrick called as he entered the house looking around for his tall friend. From the looks of it, he had camped out in the living room as blankets and food wrappers were strewn across the couch and coffee table. A few audible bumping noises echoed from the floor above before footsteps sounded.

  "Patrick!" A voice called from upstairs, the sound of someone coming down when all of a sudden a loud crash was herd, the shorter running towards the staircase. Looking up, Dallon was laying half way down the steps, shirt off and leg bent at a slightly awkward angle compared to his other.

     "Holy smokes! Are you alright?" He asked, really hoping Dallon didn't straight up snap his neck just then. That would have been extremely sad and awkward.
   "Hey Pat- Shit! Im fine." He said trying to reposition himself so he could get up with out injuring his knee further.
    "Wait Dal let me help you so you don't snap your leg completely." He said, grabbing the boy under his arms with the idea that he could simply lift him up enough for Dallon to be able to move his legs out from under him.

     Pulling with all of his strength upwards, Patrick raised him up enough to allow him to move his legs out so he could stand. "Ow ow shit ow." He moaned quietly, only relaxing once his knee was in a stable position. "You sure your ready to go to school today?" Patrick confirmed, smiling slightly at the dorky boy in front of him. He was almost like a more sophisticated and shy Brendon in a way.
    "Of course im ready Pattycakes. I just don't have a shirt and cant exactly walk well on my own. Good news is I can get a pair of crutches at school which will make waking easier. Don't even ask how i got up the staircase because i have no clue." He explained.
  "Well that should help. Here, ill go get you a shirt." Patrick said, running up the stairs into Dallon's room. Picking out a white button up and blue bowtie that complimented the boys sea colored eyes he went back down and started buttoning it like a concerned mother. "Patrick- my leg is injured not my arm." He sighed.
  "I know but i just like to practice buttoning things." He murmured, tongue poking out the side of his mouth slightly in concentration. Just then, Dallon gasped, scaring Patrick for a second. "You dirty little man! You have a button kink don't you? Oh my god! Patrick Stump has a bu-"

   "What?" Pete asked, walking inside of the house in a very confused manner to find the two on the staircase steps, Dallon looking very red suddenly. "Oh uh hi Pete." He said awkwardly as Patrick moved to tie the bowtie around his neck.

  A surge of jealousy ran through his veins when he saw how close Patrick appeared to be to his face.
He trusted his boyfriend to make good decisions as far as relationships went but it was so hard to trust someone who could take away all he had with a single kiss, that being Dallon. He could sweep Patrick off his feet and take him away at any second. He had a right be... protective of his fedora boy right? Well not necessarily but he felt like that was part of a good partners job to be a little protective.

    "Hey Dallon." Pete said throwing on a fake smile as Patrick finished tying the tie, stepping back to admire his work. "Perfect. Well, are you ready to go?" He asked, grabbing the boys bag before he could ask. With a slight nod he walked back over to him, holding our his hand. Dallon graciously grabbed ahold of his arm as Patrick wrapped it around him in support as they walked- more so limped out of the house with Pete trailing behind.

   "So Dallon how did you hurt your leg?" Pete asked as the all got in the car and started their decent to school, trying to clear the quiet atmosphere. "Oh uh i got hurt again." He stuttered after a second.
Something in Pete's brain seemed to click then, something that made him remember why Patrick became friends with him in the first place. The two had connected well partly because Dallon was being abused very similarly to Patrick and he wanted to help. Something that was simultaneously good and bad.

   "Are you okay now? I mean you can always sit with us so you don't get hurt." Pete offered, realizing half way through that he was confusing even himself. Did he want to help the guy out or stop him from possibly stealing Patrick? He knew in his gut what was the right choice however considering one was a possibility and the other was an unfortunate certainty.

  "That would be great. Patrick invited me too so I figured it would be better than the chance of... anything else happening." Dallon smiled. "Oh- i almost forgot- thanks for picking me up guys. I don't think i could have taken the bus with my shitty leg."
  "Your welcome." Pete said. He honestly couldn't figure out if he loved or hated the guy. I guess he liked him but was a little on edge as far as trust went. Yeah, that sounded right or at least as good as it was going to get between them.

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