Chapter 12- Pain And Pleasure Are The Only Things I Felt...

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**Trey's P.O.V**

*i hope nothing bad happened to Kay. I'm so worried right now...);*

*skipping to when he got there*

*I walk up and go to knock on the door when Jake opens it*

J- C'mon

*when i walk in i see Kay.She looks so sad........She had a huge red mark on her face,what happened*

Me- can you guys give me and Kay a min.

K- Yeah,C'mon Jake 

*they leave*



Me- are you alright.?

Kay- (looks at him) does it look like im alright.?

MMe- What happened.?

Kay- *Explained then starts to cry*

Me- *Pulls her close* Kay,It's gonna be alright you wanna stay at my house.?

Kay- sorry but no......I gotta make sure he's out and plus D's comin home tomorrow.

Me- Is it cool if i stay with you tonight.?

Kay- (smiles) Yeah (:

Me- (laughs a lil) Okay,

*Jake and Kaniah walk in*

Niah- Is everything okay.?

Me- Yeah,Were gonna go

Jake- Okay, you gonna take Lay.? )';

kay- Yeah\

Jake- (pouts) Fine...

Niah- Jus ignore him.Anyway you want me to walk you out.?

Kay- If you want to..

*Skipping to when they left and got to Kay's house*

Kay- *looking in the driveway* Good he's gone...

Me- He betta be, i dont wanna have to kick some ass.Well i am anyway

Kay- What? Why?

Me- Nobody can hit my girl and get away with it (:

Kay- Aha' Okay

*We all get out and go in the house*

Me- Here lemme see Lay i'll go put her to bed 

kay- aiiqht,it's upstairs next to D's room

Me- Okay

*i walk upstairs and go into Lay's room it looks like this,damn, this girl.....After i layed down,i walked out and saw a door cracked open across the hall.When i open the door and see Kay doing her hair she looked hot. *

Kay- Who said you can come in here.?

Me- Oh im sor-

Kay- I'm just playin (:

Me- Okay (: (looking aound her room) You got bank girl

Kay- Aha' How.? (:

Me- Look at your room! (

Kay- Okay.?? (laughs to herself)

Me- So,where are the blankets.?

Kay- For.?

Me- For me to sleep.

Kay- Your sleeping in here.

Me- Wha.??!! 

Kay- If you dont want to that's fine

Me- no no no i do.

Kay- Then stop complainin

Me-Okay (:

*After that argument he got into bed and i just stood there*

Kay- are you gonna lay down.?

Me- Uh yeah 

*i lay down*

Me- Kay.?

Kay- (turning over) yeah.?

Me- Your beautiful you know that.?

Kay- (giggles) Thank-

*interups her by kissing her*

Kay- (Kisses back)

Me- (Deepens kiss)

Kay- (in between kisses) Trey...Stop.....

Me- (Get's on top of her without breaking the kiss)

Kay- (Breaks kiss) Trey....

Me- Kay...

Kay- I dont know...

Me-Nigga you act like we haven't done it before!

Kay- .....

Me- Please (:

Kay- (kisses him)

Me- (deepens kiss)

End Of P.O.V.

Kay's P.O.V.

*Damn what am i doing.?! Why cant i stop.? I dont want to....*

Trey- (takes off his shirt)

Me- (smirks)

Trey- (pulling at my shirt)

Me- (takes it off)

Trey- Damn girl (;

Me- Anyways (:

*i kiss him again and he pulled off my shorts then he pulled off his......*

*You guys now what happened next (;*

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