Chapter 1

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Mai lives in a house full of werewolves but, she haven't changed yet.

It only got worst when I found out that the alpha was my mate.

His name is Gabe and that is when my life started to turn.

Mai's P.O.V

"Mai Claw, you just got rejected." he said harshly

I knew why...

he didn't want me it was because I was the one of the oddballs of the pack or aka pack slave, punching bag, or whatever they need me for.

The others are my friends.

Their names are Danny (short for Danielle.) and Kane.

Kane already knew he wasn't weren't werewolf. Kane is a vampire.

Danny is a werewolf but she can turn into a beagle and wolf.

I ran up to my room crying because I didn't want to get hurt by them any more.

I checked my cheekbone.

That is where he hit me.

I heard my friends come running up to my room checking if I was okay.

Danny came up to check my face.

"It should be healed by next week." she said looking concerned.

Kane helped me up and then said "He doesn't even deserve you anyway."

Then Kane left the Danny's and my room.

Since it is around 10pm we got ready to go to sleep.

Danny came over and said " You know Kane is right."

"I know," I said while I finshed getting ready for bed.

We went to sleep without a another sound.

Gabe's P.O.V

I yelled at Mai, "Mai Claw, you just got rejected."

I didn't want this to happen... my mate is one of the no-body's of the pack.

My wolf growled at me "WHAT THE HECK DID YOU JUST DO!!!"

I bluntly told him," I just rejected her."

Growling my wolf when away, I could tell he was very angry.

I couldn't believe this happened.

On my 18th birthday and I just found out that my mate is one of the no-body's of the pack.

I saw her friends, the other oddballs run after her up to her room.

I turned to my beta or as I put it my best friend Sam.

"I'm going to bed," I say and storm up to my room and I fell asleep.

Mai's P.O.V

When I woke up and went into the bathroom Danny and I share.

I look into the mirror and saw that my eyes were shaped like cats eyes then I felt my bones start to move.

I started to shift and I screamed in pain.

I turned into a snow leopard.

Danny bursted into the bathroom.

I hear my cat talk to me for the first time. She told me "You just tell your self to turn into a human and you will go back into a human."

So I did what she said.

Danny was standing there wait her mouth hanging open.

"Danny close your mouth please," I said and she did.

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