xxxviii. shattered me

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Indie sat with her eyes stuck to the black cursive ink on his skin, right under his collarbone. She reached out to touch it, to double check that it was real but then she pulled her hand back to her chest. She realized she didn't want it to be real. It terrified her actually that he had become this attached to her. That after only a few months, a few short weeks, he wanted to remember her forever.

She slid back from him, swallowing the pain in her throat as her fear settled in and she slowly got up, sparing herself of the towel and resting it over Harry. She settled her bare feet on the tiled floor. A shaky breath of air leaving her mouth as she grabbed her dress from the floor, shrugging to get it on without waking Harry.

She gave him a look and brought her hands up to her face, tears beginning to weld up in her eyes as she knelt down to the tub. Her eyes squeezed shut as she rest her hand on his chest. Indie hated herself for doing this. She hated that she was running because she knew in her heart, she could love him but the thought of love scared her.

"I'm sorry," she whimpered and stood up, scooping her boots and jacket from the bathroom floor before opening the door and closing it quietly behind her. She inhaled and carefully wiped the tears from her eyes without making it clear that they had been there. She slowly crept to the other door and didn't look back as she stepped into the hall and knelt down, pulling her boots back onto her feet.

"Indie, there you are," Hunter came towards her.

"I need to go," she tried to get passed him but he grabbed her by the arms.

"What happened?" He asked.

"You happened, Hunter," she shook her head. "You broke me."

"Indie," he frowned at the same time as River did, who stood at the end of the hall with Gwen at his side. Indie's eyes drifted to her friend, the plead for him in her eyes.

"Is everything okay?" River asked and slowly began walking towards them.

"No, I need to go," she pushed on Hunter's chest, trying to get out of his grasp on her biceps.

"It's been three damn years. You have to talk to me," he begged. "Just please, let's move forward from this. Please. I want to marry Xavier, Indie, but I need you to be okay with this."

"You didn't care when you stole him from me," Indie gritted her teeth. "Why should you care now?"

"You didn't love him, Indie," Hunter frowned and that earned River shoving him against the wall, pinning him there with his forearm. Indie's eyes filled with tears, yet again.

"Maybe, I didn't," she whimpered. "But I loved you and you shattered me."

Hunter's lips parted and Indie shook her head.

"I need to go," she said and turned to see that she had earned the attention of Robert and Quinn, as well as several other guests from the argument. "I'm sorry. You have a lovely home," she collected herself for a moment before running for the door. She felt suffocated by the walls as she waited by the elevator, hitting the button several times more though she was aware that wouldn't make it come any faster.

"Indie," River ran out after her and as soon as she saw him, her tears became bigger and began streaming down her face. "Hey, come here," he opened his arms for her and wrapped them around her. "I'm here," he whispered to her quietly and kissed the top of her head.

"Where's Harry?" Gwen asked, not meaning to disturb.

Indie pulled her head away from River's chest and caught her breath, "My name. He tattooed it to his body."

"Ind," River breathed out.

"It's real for him," she exhaled. "He loves me. He told me he loves me but I can't do this. I can't be here. I'm too broken and if I stay, I'll only hurt him. I can't hurt him. I won't."

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