Chapter 2 : Bat Trap Pt.1/2

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Chapter 2 : Bat Trap Pt.1/2

Kara / Supergirl is rushing home to watch the latest Dancing Stars show she recorded on tv when she gets a surprise visit from a unexpected stranger. .

" Hello , Kara , I am Bruce Wayne and I need your help !

Moments ago my sidekick Robin was kidnapped do you have any friends who can help us get some clues to who is behind the kidnapping ?! "

Kara sighs , pulling out a card she found with a clowns face on it !

" Oh no that is the Joker's calling card ! "

My tracker on Robins cell has lead me to your town .

Lets go find your friends ! "

says Bruce sternly

Moments later ..

Wynn and Jimmy Olson are with Barry Allen , also known as The Flash who immediately are on the case .

Barry tells Bruce that the card Joker left behind has a beacon that causes the card to show a map ..

" This map has to be where Robin is being held ! " hints Barry.

Bruce has no choice but to trust Wynn , Kara , and Jimmy Olson as he reveals himself to be ..Batman !

" Get your gear together , we have to find Robin soo2016than later .. "

Wynn reveals the map is located on a island off Greece Territorial Waters ..

Cast :

Bruce Wayne / Batman :

Ben Affleck

To Be Continued ..

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