Living With One Direction

Chapter One

I was sitting on the couch, watching Friends With Benefits with my best friend, Amber, and eating cereal.

"Oh God, this is just too funny." Amber said in hysterics.

"Did you see her face?" I giggled.

She laughed and gulped down a big spoonful of Froot Loops.

I walked into my kitchen and poured another bowl of the newest cereal, Kraves. "Such a chocolatey goodness." I moaned, slurping the milk out of the spoon.

"Ooo, that's what she said." Amber giggled from behind me.

"Sweet Jesus you scared the shit out of me!" I yelled. She laughed and poured more Froot Loops into her bowl.

"Something's gotta give now, cause I'm dying just to make you see, that I need you here with me now, cause you've got that one thing-" I picked up my cell phone.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hello, is this Chloe Davis?" The lady asked

"Yes. Who's calling?" I asked back, confused.

"This is St. Lloyd's hospital." The lady said, slowly.

"Why are you calling?" I asked, setting my bowl down and leaning against the counter.

"It's about John, Kim, and Robbie Davis." She stated.

"W-what?" I stuttered, dropping the phone on the ground. Amber rushed over to me.

"What happened?" She asked, repeatedly.

"My, my, my parents. T-they are in the..the ho-hospital." I stammered.

"Why the hell are we still standing here? Get your ass in my car!" She screamed, grabbing her keys off the counter, and running out the door.

I was completely and utterly astounded. I stood there, frozen, with my hand over my mouth. "Move Chloe!" I thought. "You don't even know what happened. It could be something totally minor, it could be nothing." I bit my lip. Did daddy have a heart attack? Did they get in a wreck?

Amber ran back in. "Chloe, let's go." she said, interrupting my thoughts. I shook my head and ran out the door.


Amber ran into the hospital dragging me behind her.

"John, Kim, and Robbie Davis." She said to the lady at the front desk.

"Room 127, 3rd floor." The lady replied, not even glancing up at us. Amber ran with me hot on her heels. Nobody had the balls to tell us to quit running. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. The elevator was closing, and we were about twenty feet away.

"Hold that door!" Amber screamed. Everyone stopped what they were doing, to turn around and look at us. The man did as told and stuck his arm out to stop the elevator.

"Thanks." She said, under her breath. The man nodded.

Amber pressed 3 and leaned against the wall, breathing heavily. I looked down and realized I was wearing nothing but a white tank top and green Soffee shorts. I wasn't even wearing shoes, just fuzzy striped pink socks. I didn't even care at that time. The elevator dinged and we bolted out of it, heading down the hall.

"127!" She yelled, and pulled me in there. The curtain was drawn around the beds. A nurse with curly black hair, and tan skin walked out of it.

"Ms. Davis?" She asked.

"That's me." I said quickly, stepping in front of Amber. She motioned me over to her. I glanced at Amber, and she signaled me to go. I slowly trudged over there.

"Your parents.." the nurse trailed off.

"What happened?" I snapped.

"They um, got into a head on collision with an 18 wheeler."

My heart stopped.


No this can't be.

I started bawling, right then and there. Before I knew it, Amber was by my side, stroking my back.

"They're okay right?" I asked, wiping away my tears. The nurse was silent.

"Right?" I asked, desperately.

"Right?" I whispered.

"I'm so sorry, but your mother died instantly. Your brother had a pulse but we lost him about 10 minutes ago..."

"And my father?" I gasped, through tears.

"I am so so sorry... he's brain dead.."

That was the last I heard before darkness took over me.

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