50 things to do to make your teacher feel uncomfortable

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50 things to do to make your teacher feel uncomfortable 

1. Whenever they walk past you get all your friends to stare at them 

2. Lick your text book in front of them, if they ask why you did that say "What would you rather me lick your text book?" 

3. Itch your head for the entire lesson 

4. Leave notes on your teachers desk saying "have you checked the children" 

5. If you know where they live, leave happy birthday cards at their door everyday 

6. Instead of bringing a pencil case to class put all your equipment in a picnic basket 

7. When they are standing behind you breathe really loudly and continue to do your work 

8. If you have to write a story copy the first chapter of harry potter in the philosophers stone and hand it in 

9. Bring a drink bottle into class and spill it, then go ask to refill it then spill it again etc etc 

10. When your teachers in earshot talk about how you got smashed on the weekend and stole someone's car 

11. Play a recording of doors creaking/dogs barking, then if the teachers asks "Can you hear that?" Get everyone to say "What? No. You must be imaging it miss 

12. If you can read any book you want get the whole class to read the same book 

13. If there is an empty seat next to you pretend someone is there and have a conversation with them 

14. When the teacher sets work and asks "Does anyone have any questions?" ask "Do you hate me?" 

15. While you're doing your work get the whole class to sing the national anthem 

16. Bring a toaster to class 

17. Get the whole class to right names of harry potter characters on their notebooks instead of their actual names. 

18. Go an sniff your teacher, if they ask what you're doing say "Just checking", wink then walk off 

19. In the middle of class go lie down face flat on the floor in front of the teachers desk 

20. Take photos! Strike really suggestive poses an ask the teacher to take them for you 

21. Brush your teeth in class 

22. Pass notes in class and make sure you get caught, write on the notes a conversation about how your going to sacrifice your pet fish at the woogawooga tribe meeting  

23. Order a Pizza and get it delivered to the classroom 

24. When class is finished go over to your teacher and give them a big hug 

25. If you see a small insect act absolutely freaked out and run out of the classroom screaming 

26. If they pat you on the back pretend that they really hurt you and start wailing in agony 

27. When you're doing a test ask the teacher if they can hold your hand because you get really nervous 

28. For an end of year present buy your a bag of vegetables or something equally as random 

29. Change the accent you speak in every week 

30. Bring a Vacuum to class and start vacuuming in the middle class. Mutter about how you cant work in such a pigsty. 

31. When you have to write a paper, get it done early and mail it to your  

teachers' house 

32. If you have a class first period, go into the class room early and lie down in a sleeping bag in your pjs then set an alarm to go off a few minutes into first period 

33. Paint all your work onto a canvas instead of doing it in your school book 

34. Whenever you have to do an essay turn it into a song an sing it to the class and dedicate it to your teacher 

35. If you have to read out loud from your textbook sing it and tell your teacher that music is a key learning tool for you. 

36. Bring handcuffs into class and wear a plastic fake police badge. Tell your teacher that he/she is under arrest. 

37. Raise your hand for every question and when the teacher calls on you say "oh never mind" do it repeatedly.  

38. Bring marshmallows to roast on the Bunsen burner. When the teacher tells you off pull out a packet of sausages and start cooking them. If the teacher just tells you off again THEN pull out a chicken and slow roast it on a spit. 

39. When the principal speaks over the P.A shout "IM HEARING VOICES AGAIN!!" 

40. Ask your teacher what he really wanted to do with his life. 

41. Break into a song and dance in class like a musical. 

42. Before class draw a diagram of the reproductive system on the whiteboard in permanent marker pretending it was from the last class. 

43. Whenever you go out of the classroom bring your chair with you 

44. Do your work in another language 

45. Call your teacher Mum (even if they are male) 

46. When you go into the class ask "Do I know you?" 

47. In science make a cocktail of random chemicals and 'Play-Pretend' to own a cafe 

48. Ride a scooter into class 

49. If your teacher dosn't let you do something hold a glue gun to their face and say" Do you know what you have got yourself into?" 

50. If the teacher goes against something you say. Shout "YOU'RE A NON-BELIEVER!" Cry uncontrollably for the rest of the lesson.

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