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"isn't it lovely?" Chase asked, a bit teasingly as Dan opened his door to his dorm. the room was plain and was unused and dusty. it had two twin-sized beds in either corner of the room, a small dresser accompanying each bed, and a closed door that Dan figured belonged to the bathroom. a small kitchenette was next to the bathroom door, and that's all that took up the small room. it was minimal, but Dan didn't need much.

Dan followed Chase inside, setting his bag down next to one of the beds. his brother sat down the one he was holding as well before plopping on the bed. it creaked strangely, and Dan crinkled his nose. "i'll be spending most of my time in your flat, y'know," he spoke, shaking his head as he glanced around the room.

Chase had spent his first two years of university in the dorms, living the stereotypical college life. it went good for him, but him and Phil decided to get their own place off campus. Dan was only glad because that means he'd have somewhere to stay other than his shitty dorm, with a stranger as a roommate.

Chase chuckled at that. "the dorms aren't that bad, i should know," he smiled fondly at the memories, "but you know you're welcome at me and Phil's anytime, you could maybe even spend a few nights there. only if your roommate turns out to be shit."

"knowing my luck, i'll have the worse roommate," Dan rolled his eyes playfully, already kneeling down in front of the dresser to start unpacking some of his clothes. "are we still having dinner tonight? at your place?" he asked after a moment of silence, setting neatly folded pastel sweaters into the top drawer.

when Dan looked over Chase was looking down at his phone and typing furiously. "yeah, dinner tonight is still on. i'm not sure what Phil is making, but probably something good," he said with a nod, locking his phone before standing. "and i know i said i'd stay until your roommate got here, but Karina wants to get ice cream and, you know i can't turn down my girl or ice cream," Chase added, looking slightly hopeful at Dan.

Dan giggled, shaking his head as he got back to his folding. "i'm a big boy," he reassured, "you can go out with your girlfriend. i don't mind."

"you're the best," Chase said happily, patting Dan's hair affectionately before leaving the room.

it was only silent for an hour before the door was opening again, and in came a boy that looked around Dan's age. he was tall and lanky and his dark, curly hair was combed neatly. a pair of thick framed glasses sat upon his nose, which covered his seemingly dark eyes. he wasn't bad to look at, but definitely wasn't Dan's type. Dan's type was a lot of Phil, Phil, and Phil.

"um, hi," the boy spoke, dropping his suitcase onto the floor before closing the door behind him. "i'm Ben," he added before he plopped down in front of his dresser, much in the same way Dan was.

Dan smiled brightly at Ben, and was glad for a moment that his roommate didn't seem like much of a jackass. "i'm Dan," he said in return, turning to get back to setting his clothes neatly into his dresser.

the next hour was pretty nice, in Dan's opinion. him and Ben talked a bit, and found that they had a few things in common. Dan praised the lord that he actually got a good roommate. it was all comfortable conversation and comfortable silences until Dan left for Chase's place.

the flat the two older boys had was only a mere block or two away from the university, so Dan didn't mind the walk. it was slightly colder than back home, so Dan was glad when he grabbed his lilac sweater on the way out.

Dan made his way up to the third story and came across flat 235 and made his way inside. "Chase?" he called as he closed the door gently behind him. the place was quite a mess, with boxes stacked in various places. the tv was the only thing that seemed to be set up, along with the playstation, and Dan wasn't very surprised.

"nope, only me," Phil said, peaking out of the kitchen doorway. he looked good today, much like everyday. a black tee shirt was fitted over his broad shoulders and a pair of black jeans were spread over his legs, with a black pair of socks to match. it wasn't much, but it basically had Dan drooling.

Dan smiled, shaking his head as he followed Phil into the kitchen. "oh, what a shame," he teased, lifting himself onto the cold counter as Phil got back to the boiling pot of water. "is Chase still out with Karina?" he asked, trying to not stare at Phil as much as he would like to.

"mhm," Phil hummed as he stirred a spoon into the water. "said he'll be home soon though. sounded like they were having sex or something," he said with a shrug.

"ew," Dan scrunched up his nose in distaste. "i didn't need to know those details, he is my brother," he reminded, smiling a bit as he watched Phil.

Phil laughed, which made Dan's smile a little brighter. "i was just letting you know," he said, turning to face Dan. "did you meet your roommate yet?"

Dan nodded quickly, happy with the change of subject. "i did, he seems pretty great, honesty. not what i was expecting," he spoke, a small smile on his face.

"name? what's he like so far?" Phil asked curiously, leaning back against the opposite side of the counters from Dan.

"his name is Ben," Dan said, "didn't catch his last name, but we only talked for an hour or so." he shrugged, thinking for something else to say. "i think he's the first person i've ever met that's taller and lankier than you," Dan teased slightly, "but yeah, he's not a bad looking guy. quite nice and polite too."

Phil turned back to the pot when the water started to bubble over, making Dan giggle a bit. "oh? so he's cute?" he asked, and Dan swore he heard a hint of jealously in Phil's voice.

Dan shrugged, although Phil wasn't looking in his direction. "he is cute, not my type, but cute. probably not even gay as well," he said, biting his lower lip lightly.

Phil nodded slowly, lifting the pot off the burner to strain the pasta. "and what is your ty-" he started, but got cut off by Chase walking through the front door. Dan almost punched Chase as he saw his stupid face.

"what's cookin', Lester?" Chase teased as he walked into the kitchen, setting the grocery bag onto the counter. "i bought what you requested, but they didn't have the brand of tomato sauce you wanted. i just ended up getting an off-brand one."

"just some pasta," Phil said with a shrug as he threw some butter into the noodles. "nothing special," he said as he started to dig into the bag of what Chase brought in.

the rest of the night was uneventful. they watched a movie, but Chase placed himself right in between Dan and Phil. and Dan cursed his brother for ruining all two of his chances that night.


a/n: ahhh i love this story so much already and it's only chapter two

dan is so precious and i love Chase sm

hope y'all enjoyed!!!

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