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I tried not to panic as the vines grew tighter around me, I hate being and feeling trapped it's one of my only fears. I need to get out of this Now!
"Look lady, we haven't done anything. We just want to get past," Percy said, glaring at the ground.
"Ahh, but that's exactly what you can't do, I'm in charge of protecting the forest, it's my duty to make sure that rotten kids like you don't go and ruin It!" She snarled walking in front of us and I almost felt surprised, her looks didn't match her voice at all, while she looked elegant and obviously immortal her voice sounded cold and like she had screamed for hours.
"But we won't ruin it, we just need to get through to find a friend," Thalia said calmly the side of her that mostly only the hunters see coming through in a time of need.
"That's what they all say then the next thing I know the forest is full of cans and left behind camping gear!" She wailed like it was the end of the world.
"Look. If you won't let us through then I will just ask a certain lord of the wild friend to help us," Nico said coldly his eyes like daggers, the woman shrunk back but soon regained her posture.
"Ha! Y-you kids running around with the Lord of the wild impossible!" She screeched her stiff eyes looking warily at all of us.
"Someone said my Name?" the familiar bleat of Grover Underwood filled the air and suddenly the vines fell away from us.
"S-Sir what are you doing here?" She asked her voice trembling," My best friend has his ways of contacting me, now let these people pass they're not at all like the teens that came here last night, they are well respected not only by me but Pan before he faded," never before have I heard Grover speaking in a way that actually made anyone back down and here we are, looking for Annabeth and listening to GROVER boss someone around.

We eventually found our way through the forest and into a bizarre clearing, the trees on the edge of the perfectly circle shaped gape were all dead but the grass was perfectly healthy and what was weirder is that a stone path lead to the center of the circle but it lead to nothing...
"Protection charm???" Ginny wondered with a shrug,
"Leo, look for mechanical traps, Hazel check for any dark magic, Nico have you felt any ghosts?" I looked at Nico as he closed his black eyes and placed a hand against the ground while Leo and Hazel scouted the area their eyes straight forward while they kept on running towards the center at random times creating safe paths for us.
"What are you doing?" Hermionie said as if we were crazy,
"They're finding safe ways for us too walk to the center of the clearing as there seems to be something strange about this place," Luna said slowly pulling her wand out from behind her ear.
"No traps whatsoever!" Hazel said smiling, Nico stood up.
"No ghosts," he spoke coolly and stared straight ahead,
"But Hazel may need to use her... gift to lift the protection charm as Ginny called it.
"B-But I haven't practiced since the war" she murmured fiddling with her hands,
"It'll be fine Haze, quit worrying about what you didn't do and focus on what you can do," Will said his pearly smile giving everyone around him a burst of happiness that we haven't felt for a while,
"Okay," she lifted up her hand and squeezed her golden eyes shut. After a minute of silence a dark building appeared out of thin air just at the end of the path,
"Welp, let's go," Thalia said walking along one of the paths that Leo burned through the grass.

We arrived at the door and could hear yelling from behind the concrete walls.
" anyone good at making plans," Harry asked looking around, I rolled my eyes.
"Percy, take the window to our left. Hazel, Nico and Will follow him," They comply quickly,
"An-Piper, take the windows behind the building, Jason and Leo follow her. Calypso go to them when I give word of their part of the plan," She nodded, pretending not to hear my mistake.
"Harry, you Frank and Thalia take the window to our left. Ginny, Hermionie, Ron and myself are going to enter the front. When I signal for you to go crawl into the windows and distract everyone. Calypso." The goddess nodded,
"You, Jason, Piper and Leo are going to sneak through the house and find Annabeth," She smiled and ran off.
"So... what are we going to Do?" Ron asked looking at me with an eyebrow raised,
"We're going to hex the area and make sure that no one escapes." Hermionie pulled out her wand a started.

"Guys!" We turned around looking at the others, most were holding death eaters but the person I focused on the most was Percy who had a tight grip on Annabeth.
"You kids ar-" Mr Weasleys yelling stopped when he saw the death eaters captured and Annabeth safe. The Wizard and Witches with him walked forward and removed the hex while grabbing the struggling kidnappers.
"Let's get you kids home for dinner," Mr Weasley said "And if you do something this idiotic again I will personally ground all of you for eternity." And with that threat we were on our way home.

I. Am. A. Terrible. Person. I'm so sorry that this took like an eternity to write. Thankyou all for your support. PS WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH THE BOX NICO HAS?