The Fight (part three)

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I walked up the steps to his house. I wonder if he would let me live with him for a while. Maybe he will. Alex is a pretty nice guy. Cares for others. He always knows what to say when I'm sad (mainly from Austin and I always fighting). I hesitantly knocked on the door. Soon regretting it. A minute passed and the door was soon open. I was face to face with the adorable Alex,

"Hey, (YN), what's wrong?"

He asked kind of worried. I now realized I was crying,

"Ummm....hey...c-can I s-stay w-with you for a while?..."

"Yeah.. sure..come in.."

He said as he rushed me into his house. He walked me over to the couch. We sat there for a few minutes. Me quietly sobbing and Alex comforting me,

"What happened? Was it Austin?..."

I nodded slowly and I heard Alex take a deep breath,

"What did he do this time?"

I sniffled,

"Remember how we went to the club earlier?"

"Yeah, you and Austin left early for some reason, so we all just went home."

"Well, I saw him and this blonde bitch sucking face, and then when we got home he claimed she just wanted a picture, and we just got into this big fight, and I went to the park to clear my head, he showed up and I told him I was breaking up with him, he said he wanted me, he broke down crying."

I looked at Alex and he had a some what angered expression on his face. He huffed,

"He's so fricken stupid, why would he do this to you? You deserve better (YN), I'm sorry this happened."

I looked up at him. Why is he acting this way? He never has don-what the fuck? Alex is kissing me! ALEX IS KISSING ME! And I can't help but kiss back...and that's when I heard the front door open and a gasp. I broke from Alex to see Austin. He fell to his knees. Tears in his eyes,


He screamed,



I jumped up. I saw he had a bouquet of flowers in his hands. He walked out the door and I just stood there shocked. He just saw me kissing his best friend. I'm so fucking stupid,

"(YN)...I'm so sorry..."

Alex spoke. I shook my head,

"No, it's fine, it's my fault..."

I walked out the house and to my car. I don't know where I'm driving to. I just need to clear my head. I found myself going to mine and Austin's apartment.

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