Chapter 4

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  6 years later...

Have you ever had that night where you couldn't sleep? Well Rose was basically sleepless when it came to dancing. She was to concentrated in the music and lost in her world. She was currently dancing to paradise by Coldplay she was enjoying every minute of it. Her steps came naturally, She felt like she can dance for ever. She didn't even realize she had an Audience. Another song came on, Rose instantly change her dance to a slow dance routine. Dark Times by the weekend was also one of her top favorites and didn't mind to get lost in it. She danced like she was possessed, she gladly let it consume her. Dimitri was leaning against the door completely lost in Rose, she was growing beautiful and stunning everyday. Dimitri came down to ask her if she wanted to go get ice cream but he didn't want to disturb her. Especially now, since she's in her element. He slowly backs away and walks out of the gym. It was barley 8:35 p.m. He went to his room and lade down. He took a deep breath in and thought about his feelings towards Rose. He was already 15 and he couldn't be having these feelings for her she's his best friends sister and she grew up with him like a sister. The thing was he didn't want to think of her as a sister but he couldn't think of her as more and he wouldn't.

After an hour, Rose was going up stairs when she ran into her brother Luca. "Hey Rose, I thought Dimitri took you out for ice cream?" Rose look at Luca confused " No, he never ask." Luca Shrugs " well he was board and wanted to get out and since I'm going to hang out with Cindy-" rose made a gaging sound " I don't want to know" Rose quickly interrupts Luca making him chuckle "Grow up Rose your 14 act like it" she smack his arm "Stop being disgusting. Your 15, grow up" she continued walking to her room to take a shower before heading to Dimitris room. "I'll tell you the details with Cindy later" Luca shouted making Rose giggle "No thank you" she shouts back. When she got in her room she connected her phone with her Bluetooth speaker. Rose scrolled down her playlist, she decided on a song and Needed me by Rihanna came through the speaker. Rose went into her walk in closet, and grabbed her undergarments as well as black leggings and a white long sleeve shirt. When she was done picking he clothes she headed into her bathroom. After a nice 30 minute bath, she got out and change. She really didn't need to do anything to her hair since it's naturally straight. Then she quickly headed to Dimitri room, when she finally arrived to his room her heart started to beat faster. Rose came to the conclusion she had a crush on her childhood best friend. Rose knew he would never feel the same so she keeps her little crush a secret. She knocks timidly on his door and not even a minute longer he opens the door. A smile appears on roses lips, 'Can I make it anymore obvious' she thought.

"Hey, Rosie" Dimitri says
"Hey" Rose responded
"What's up?" Dimitri ask smiling down at her.
"Well I heard I was suppose to be taken out to get an ice cream" Rose says while raising her eyebrow. Causing Dimitri to chuckle "it's to late for ice cream Rosie. It's already 10:23. Maybe tomorrow, yeah?" Rose gasp in shock "it's never late for ice cream" Rose said looking at him with her famous puppy eyes knowing nobody can say no. This causes Dimitri to sigh in defeat "I hate when you do the puppy's eyes" Rose smiles and claps her hands knowing she already convinced him.

Dimitri and Rose finally arrived at the store and grab a tub of ice cream and chips and all kinds of junk food. They decide they were going to have a movie night. When they went to pay for the food there was only one cashier open. "shoot, I forget the root beer" Rose says "I'll go get it, you worry about this" Dimitri says pointing at the cart and starts walking to the beverage aisle.

Rose went to the register and was grabbing the things and putting them on the counter for the cashier to scanned " Having a party?" the cahier ask and smiles at Rose. Rose smiles back "something like that, me and a friend are having a movie night" Rose studies the boy. He was cute, brown eyes and blond hair 'Not bad..but Dimitri is better' she though.. She shook her head how can she think that. "My name is Josh" he says giving her his hand "Rose" they shake each other hands. Josh was eyeing the girl in front of him she was a sight to see. "Do you mind if I call you Rosie?" 'no' she thought but before Rose can give him a response Dimitri set the root beer rather harshly on the counter "found the root beers" Dimitri said clearly talking to Rose but he was glaring at Josh. Josh look at Dimitri, his eyes widened. He knew who Dimitri was, Dimitri Edwards to be exact, was one of the guys most feared in school next to Luca Del León. They didn't talk to anyone but he knew he was trouble. Just ask the two guys that got their nose broken. Josh Scanned the drinks "total is 28.76 dollars" he said irritated knowing that Rose was with him and he wouldn't get a chance. To talk to her anymore. "Dimitri are you okay?" Rose asked him quietly knowing something is off. Dimitri didn't answer her. He was to busy thinking of the many possibilities he can break Joshes bones. Dimitri gave him a 50 dollar bill "Keep the change, let's go Rose" he grab the bags and started walking "Bye Josh" Rose waved awkwardly "Wait, here's my number" Josh gave her the little piece of paper he quickly wrote down his digits on. "thanks Jo-" before she can finish her sentence Dimitri yelled her name "ROSE!" Rose quickly said bye and left to catch up to Dimitri.

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