Level 5 ✧ Paranormal Closetivity

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"You're seriously going to sign up for this?" Gavin asked, disbelievingly, when he saw me sealing the gaming application I had gotten yesterday into an envelope.

"Yeah," I said, nonchalantly.

"Damn. I thought you were joking."

Gavin, Hudson, and I were sitting on a bench at the front of our school. It was lunchtime and being that the weather was so nice out, we decided to eat our lunch outside. Even though it was November, the sun was out and about, casting rays of sunlight on us. The wind was freezing cold, though, but not that me or any of my friends minded.

"Not really. I've never signed up for a gaming competition before, so this should be a really nice experience for me. Plus, I'm pretty sure RM is going to be there! We just gotta wait for his announcement video." He makes one before every competition he signs up for.

We live in the countryside, in a small town called Misty Hollows. I honestly don't understand how a small, quaint town like this ever got a name as depressing as Misty Hollows, but whatever the case may be, this little town was nowhere near as depressing as its name depicted it to be. With a population of less than five hundred people, you could say that everyone here basically knew each other. Thirty miles outside of town, there's Lakes Ville: the biggest city here in Montana.

It snows a lot here during the winter, but the snow usually doesn't come until the beginning of December, hence why it's still perfectly "warm" out here. (Although the weatherman did predict a slight rainstorm later this afternoon.)

"Maybe you'll meet that 'sexist' guy again," Hudson joked, taking out his sandwich from a Ziploc bag.

"Hopefully not," I huffed, although I seriously doubted that I wouldn't see him again. It was pretty obvious he was signing up for the competition as well.

"Maybe you might meet other girls there who like videogames, too," Gavin said. "It'll be nice to have some girl friends for a change."

"We'll see," I said. And, only because his baby fat looked more prominent today, I pinched his cheeks lightly and he slapped my hand away.

"What is it with you and pinching cheeks?" he growled, rubbing the spot where I had pinched him.

"I don't know. Maybe because both you and Hudson still have some baby fat there." I turned to face Hudson. "Especially you, Hudson. Cut down on the eating." I gestured to his lunchbox, where there was still a banana and chocolate bar waiting.

"Hey, I'm a growing boy. What do you expect? I need all the calories I can get," Hudson defended.

I shrugged. "Suit yourself." I hopped off the bench and dusted my pants off from the dirt that had probably gotten onto it. "I'm gonna go run by GameStop again after school today. Wait, no. We have work. I'll do it after work. But I'm gonna head back into the school so that I can stash this"—I held up my application—"into my backpack. See ya in class, Gavin!" I said, before sprinting off into the school building.

After lunch, Gavin and I have AP Biology. I think out of all the classes I had, biology was my favorite. I really liked dissecting stuff—I don't know why. Like last week, we were doing a fetal pig dissection—which, if I may add, was one of my favorite bio classes ever. Almost half of the girls in my class looked at me weird because while they were off cowering in a corner, refusing to look at the piglets' intestines, I was keenly observing and recording each intestine I had found (along with their descriptions).

What can I say? I'm a biology nerd. I can really see myself doing something in this field in the near future. Like a bioengineer, for instance: designing and implementing prosthetic arms to help those who lost their real ones in war. I like math, too. I'd say I was pretty good at it.

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