Satan's Pet ~Part 14~

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In those two weeks since Mariah died, Aidan and I have become a lot closer. Closer than being just friends.

We started dating, going out a lot together in public, holding hands, he would sometimes drop me off and pick me up from school. Once he even kissed me in front of Stacy and The clones.

One evening, we went out for dinner when one of Aidan's friends came over to our table.

"Aidan, good to see you out and about, man," the speaker was a tall man. He looked to be early twenties, had dark blonder short hair and green eyes that kept flashing towards me. He was wearing a pair of dark jeans and black shirt that made look edible if it wasn't for the plastic Barbie attached to his arm.

"Kyle," Aidan shook hands with him.

"How you been? Sorry I couldn't make it to the funeral," Kyle said. There sadness in his tone.

"It's still hard, but I'm doing alright, I'm a lot better," Aidan replied. He was looking at me as he said the last part.

I couldn't help but blush at that.

Kyle turned his attention towards me. "So who's your beautiful companion?" When I looked up at him he was smirking. He then winked at me causing me to blush even more. His Barbie glared at me.

"This is my girlfriend, Serena," Aidan introduced.

I looked back towards Aidan when he said 'girlfriend'. Was he really considering me his girlfriend or was that just because he was annoyed with Kyle for winking at me.

Aidan smiled at me and I smiled back. I didn't think it was possibly for me to blush even more but I did. I was probably as red as a tomato.

"Serena? That's a beautiful name," he took my hand and brought the back of it to his lips, lightly pressing his lips to my hand he continued, "I'm Kyle,"

"Nice to meet you," I said, politely.

"Well we best go get our table, I'll see you around, Aidan," Kyle said and walked away with Barbie still attached.

Neither of us said anything for the rest of the meal.

While we walked back to the car, I decided to ask the question that had been bugging me all night.

"So...girlfriend?" I asked.

Aidan froze. "I wondered when you'd bring that up," he chuckled and continued walking.

I laughed. "Well?" I asked, I was really curious if he wanted to be together like that or not.

"If you want to be, then yeah," he stopped again and looked at me. "I really care about you, Serena. I feel selfish like I should be in mourning still after losing Mariah, but I know that's not what she wants. Mariah has never in her life been sad, not even when she didn't really have any friends. I know she wants me to be happy, and you make me happy."

I smiled at his words. "Then I guess I have no choice but to be your girlfriend, do I?" I asked teasingly.

"Nope," he said, popping the 'p', grabbing me around the waist he pulled me into him and crushed his lips to mine.

My first thoughts were the comparison to the kiss between Lucifer and me, but I quickly shook the thought away as quick as it came. Then I started to think about what he said about and another thought came to my head. Only this one made me laugh against Aidan's lips.

"What?" he asked against my lips. He pulled back to look at me.

"Just thinking about Mariah," I smiled. "I wouldn't have been surprise if she would have started planning a wedding," I laughed.

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