Chapter 9

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Short Chapter. Dont be mad at me please  ! Lol .






I was still very sad that my little brother was dead.

We always had fun and never argued.

I dont know why, but I felt very angry.

I wanted to hit something.

I wish I could have helped my brother, but im still too young.

But I promise , when im older, I will get revenge for my brother.






" I cant believe my blood is gone man " I said to myself.

I was sittin on the couch thinking.

yesterday was KJs funeral.

Mya got out the day before. I stil couldnt believe she was pregnant again.

A month and a week , to be exact.

" Its my fault " I mumbled.

I heard someone sigh.

I knew it was mya.

" baby, its not your fault. " she said , sittin beside me.

I was gone kill that nigga Gutta. How the fuck can he just blow my fuckin house up like that, knowing my girl and kids was in there ?

It pissed me off the more I thought about it.

I started breathing hard and my jaw clenched.

" Baby please calm down "


" I LOST HIM TO SOSA !" She yelled before storming upstairs.

I sighed and sat back.

Im just hurtin man.

My son.






" Girl why you booty smell like a bag of fish sticks and yo titties hangin down like some rangatain tits , bitch you stank "  I sung along to this Vine video I saw 

Shit was funny.

" Life shut up " Nijah said , laughing.

" Girl quit hatin fo I call sharkeisha. She on my muhfuckin spead dial. She been Murkin hoes fo me , you ont want this " I said , soundin gay.

She laughed and flipped me off.

Me and Nijah been real good. She actually ain like Lilly. Layed back, funny , cool as hell , and sexy.

Just how I like it .

But ian finna get deep. I really dont plan on settling. Im just in my 20's. Too damn young.

I still havent got to try no asian pussy yet !

A nigga is curious.

Chinese too. Hell yeah. Have that bitch speaking in a different language on my ass !

So nah. Im not finna settle down. Too many pussies out there for me to try!

"If she let me in ima own that pussy " I sang to Nijah , gettin between her legs.

she laughed.

" Life what is you doin ?"

" finna fuck my girl,  what it look like ?"

she laughed and rolled her eyes.

Bet I still got some though.








Kaeden pissed me off soo fucking bad.

He acts like hes the only one that most Kj ! He came out my damn woumb , I miss him too !

Shit I hurt bad as hell , but I try to stay calm for the sake of our unborn.

Then he had the nerve to call me a fucking BITCH!

OOOOOOOO that nigga betta be lucky im pregnant cause I wouldve beat his ass!

We still have another son and an unborn to take care of.

The death of Kj has affected us all, but we need to be strong.

"baby...." I looked up and saw kaeden standin there , tears flooding his face.

I stood up and brought him to the bed , layin him in between me.

" im sorry" he mumbled.

" its okay baby. I understand youre hurt "

"I love you"

" I love you to Kaeden. You have to stay strong for our kids. We are all gonna miss Kj. But we have to stay strong for Kylan and our unborn"

he nodded and rubbed my stomach.

" I hope its a girl " he said

" Me too. Too many damn boys"

we laughed and it made me happy to finally hear him laugh.

Kylan walked in.

" Hey baby " I said as he got in the bed with us.

" Its back to us 3 again" he said , frowning.

" Actually , mommy is pregnant again " he smiled.

" So I can have another brother? "

" Or sister " kaeden said.

He smiled and layed down.

Staying strong for my family , when really all I wanna do is break down and cry.

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