Chapter 6 - Alphys' True Lab

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The door opened to reveal the entrance to my True Lab. Eerie. We walked through the first corridor to the elevator with the chisp machine then went into the room with the beds. There, I showed everyone the amalgamations of the boss monsters. Papyrus and Sans; Lesser Dog and Doggo; Muffet and Greater Dog: Royal Guard 1,Royal Guard 2, Dogamy and Dogaressa; Asgore, another monster that was similar looking and a flower. "Oh my gosh! Papyrus, Sans, Asgore... And, is that the Queen?" Undyne pointed out the monster that looked like Asgore. "Oh, Alphys, this must've been so hard for you to face by yourself. To see everyone in this way... What's happened to Mettaton?" Undyne looked at me worryingly. I paused. "H-his metal body was completely destroyed b-but his soul still lingered somehow so I am just trying to make him a new body at the moment."

"Okay then, show us the experiment room."

"Woah, that machine looks awesome, did you make this yourself Alphys?" Jamie was pointing at the soul extractor used to extract the souls from humans or monsters to then be put into reverse to put souls inside a monster or human. I hadn't used it yet. Instead I injected determination into the monsters but they couldn't handle it so they melted together. "Y-yes I made it b-but I haven't used it y-yet." We continued to the room I used to experiment in. "H-here it is." Everyone looked around. On a table I had placed for the experiments, there were the vials of dust along with the vial of determination. "O-okay, the amalgamates were all created with a little bit of their dust and some determination mixed together. B-but there w-was t-too much determination for them to handle so they just melted together. I kept trying to reduce the determination I combined with the dust but it was still always too much. The closest I've got to success was Papyrus and Sans who were the last ones to be experimented. Unlike the others, they seem to be aware of things and are able to say small, simple sentences."

"Alphys, I think I know what you need to do. But you have to believe in me and yourself."

"O-okay, Undyne, I will b-believe in myself." I knew I didn't sound completely sure.

"Okay, Alphys. I think that you need to use the rest of everyone's dust with the amount of determination you used for Papyrus and Sans. It will be very risky but I truly believe that it will work. Will you do this?" Undyne looked at me right in the eye and held my shoulders. "I will!"

All our hearts were beating loud and fast. I had prepared all the dust and had put the determination in all of them. I had built a new body for Mettaton's soul. All we had to do was wait. FLASH! Unexpectedly, a vast area around us was bathed in white light. Had it worked?

The light subsided and we could see again. What we saw was something we were hoping for. All the monsters alive and well! At least, that was what we thought at first. Yes, they looked fine on the outside; no parts missing and all solid beings. However, their personalities didn't seem quite right. Sans was checking out his muscles and asking whether he had finally joined the Royal Guard; Papyrus was sitting on the floor dozing off to sleep murmuring random knock knock jokes; Asgore was feeling his face asking how he got a beard and how he got fatter; the Queen was wondering why they were in a dress and who shaved her beard; the flower was exclaiming how they didn't have any sexy legs; Mettaton was cowering in the corner saying he misses 'the nice Chara' and was muttering that he should've killed the king sooner; Greater Dog was able to talk and was talking to a spider in a cobweb, asking whether it liked the recent batch of donuts; Muffet was going around barking and sticking out her tongue; Doggo was trying to stretch his neck by petting himself; Lesser dog was questioning how he could see still objects; the Royal Guards were being all lovestruck with one another and stating how they should've been 'number one nose nuzzle champs'; and finally, Dogamy and Dogaressa were acting all awkward around each other calling one another 'bro'. "Oh no! They've a-all switched m-minds! All the dusts probably g-got mixed with o-other dusts to combine two monsters into one! W-well, at least combining one m-monster body with a different m-monster brain." I cried worryingly.

"Right, okay, let's get them all to calm down and explain the situation." She stood up on one of the tables and shouted at the top of her voice "HEY EVERYONE! SHUT UP!" Everyone stops what they're doing and looks towards Undyne. "Alrighty then! Now you're all calmed down please can you all tell me one-by-one who you are."

"What? Undyne, you know who we are! I am of course Papyrus!" Stated Sans.

"No, I am afraid you're not. Everyone, look at yourself." Everyone looks at themselves; their hands, feet, body. "I am actually Mettaton and why am I a flower?" The Mettaton body walked over. "I believe you and I have swapped bodies, idiot. Hello, I am Flowey. Well, at least I was." He crossed his arms and looked grumpy.

"W-wait, you're the flower that I injected d-determination into a w-while back!" I said, shocked.

"So that's how I came to life." Said the Flowey/Mettaton.

"Welp, I guess I am in Papyrus's body. I'm Sans by the way."

"And I am Toriel, who is the ex wife of Asgore and as you can see, it appears I am in his body."

"I am King Asgore and I am in the body of my ex wife, Tori." Toriel/Asgore looked annoyed. "Don't Tori me Asgore!" Asgore/Toriel apologised in response.

"I am Muffet, and I am in this furry lump." Muffet/Greater Dog said. Greater Dog/Muffet drooped their head.

"I am Doggo and I am in the body of Lesser Dog. Unlike most of you here I am quite enjoying it! I can see still things!" Doggo/Lesser Dog's tail wagged.

"I. Am. Lesser. Dog! Woof!" Barked Lesser Dog/Doggo.

"We seem to have swapped bodies with RG 01 and 02. We were Dogamy and Dogaressa. I am Dogamy." Said Dogamy/RG 01

"So, out of process of elimination, I am RG 01 and this is RG 02." RG 01/Dogamy gestured to himself and RG 2/Dogamy.

"I-I am sure you're all w-wondering why you're like this. W-well, the H-human k-killed you and in the p-process of t-trying to revive you, you all s-switched bodies."

"Now I know you're all probably a little annoyed but-" Undyne was interrupted by Papyrus/Sans who exclaimed "A HUMAN! WE MUST CAPTURE IT BEFORE IT ESCAPES!" Without warning, everyone (Except Sans/Papyrus who just stayed leaning casually against a table) ran up to Jamie looking ready for a fight! Undyne quickly threw her spear in between the monsters and Jamie. The monsters stopped in their tracks and looked towards Undyne. "HEY! Everyone stop! That's just Jamie. He was the one that helped you ll be revived. Without him I wouldn't have found Alphys. If I had never found Alphys she wouldn't have succeeded in reviving you all! So he's a nice human."

"Yeah! There's no need to be afraid of me or attack me in any way. I want to help all of you!"

"YAAAAAY! I hate making enemies!" Papyrus/Sans walked up to Jamie and gave him a hug. "Right, now I need everyone to listen. Up in the human world, the Human is currently trying to destroy as much of humanity as possible. I am sure we all want some revenge for all the murders they committed. For all the innocent monsters that they killed. We must work together to try and stop them! Are you with me?" Undyne asked with motivation. Everyone shouted "YEAH!" apart from Sans/ Papyrus who just shrugged and said "Sure." But, it seemed we had our army of monsters united as one to defeat the human!

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