One - The Common Cause

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"I-I'm sorry," said Jessica, "w-who're you two?"

"Charlie," said the redhead. "And you are...?"

"Jessica. Jessica Moore."

"Jo," said the other blonde that wasn't Jessica.

"Well, I guess we all got duped!" said a fourth voice, yet another female.

What the hell? Jessica thought as a third—fourth if she counted herself—woman was in the lumber mill. She also had blonde hair, shoulder length, with waves. Her face was fuller of the four women and bore some claw marks. If Jessica's eyes weren't deceiving her, she'd think the woman had a black eye.

"And here I thought I was special," said the newest blonde-haired woman. Jessica glanced at the three women before her. The other blonde—Jo—looked at the unknown blonde-haired woman with wide, fiery eyes. The other woman noticed. "Oh, well, I'll be damned. He brought you back."

Jo's hands went into fists. "Why did he bring you here?"

"Probably the same reason why he brought us all here, buttercup." The blonde-haired woman smirked. "To save Sam and Dean Winchester's asses."

Jessica blinked in surprise. She wasn't the only recruit? She wasn't sure if she should feel betrayed or glad by this development. "Wait, wait, wait," said Jessica, feeling the tension thicken in the air around them. "Hold on a second. Where did you guys come from?"

"You sure you want to know that answer?" asked the redhead, Charlie. "It's probably gonna sound way out there."

Jessica offered Charlie a timid smile. "Try me."

"Oh, good, you're getting acquainted." Jessica looked to her right to find the women's recruiter, Castiel. "Hello, ladies."

"Okay, what kind of sick joke is this, Castiel?" asked the blonde-haired woman, the one with the fuller face. "You came begging on your knees for me to find your lost puppies—"

"For the record, I did not get on my knees to beg."

"—and it just so happens that you roped three other women into this mess, one who wants to kill me where I stand."

"Damn straight I do, bitch," Jo hissed. Jessica shied away from Jo.

"Cas," Charlie said, looking to the angel in exasperation. "An explanation would be nice here." Her eyes side-glanced to Jo and the other woman, who looked as though they were about to fight in the lumber mill.

"You all know why I asked you to be here," Castiel started.

"Yeah, Sam and Dean have vanished."

"And you, even with your angel juice, can't find the saps," said the blonde-haired woman who wasn't Jo.

Castiel gave the woman a severe glare. "Thank you, Meg, for cramming that down my throat." He cleared his throat. "Allies are thin, and any that I could think of are either no longer willing to help or are dead."

"If that was the case, then why not resurrect them?" asked Charlie.

"It was better to bring back people who I felt would willingly help the cause, people who have had pasts with Sam and Dean."

"So...what exactly happened?" Jessica asked Castiel. "To them?"

"They were on a case, something went wrong. They called for me, but by the time I could get to them, they were gone. There were signs of a struggle, but nothing to indicate what's happened to them since then."

"A 'case'? What does that even mean?"

"Oh, Malibu doesn't know!" Meg chimed. "This ought to be good."

"Sam and Dean are hunters...of the supernatural," Castiel explained calming, gauging Jessica's reaction.

Hunters...of the supernatural. Jessica burst out laughing. "Okay, good one," she said. "Seriously."

"Really? I pulled you out from Heaven, and that is what you don't believe?" Castiel gave her a severe look. "Look around you, Jessica. Jo and Charlie came from Heaven, too. Meg, well, she came from Purgatory."

Is he saying that these women have all died? Jessica had no idea what "Purgatory" was exactly, but her instincts told her it wasn't a place of rainbows and unicorns. "This isn't some acid-induced dream?" she asked. "This is...legit?"

Meg rolled her eyes. "Yes, Malibu, this is 'legit'." Jessica screamed when the whites of Meg's eyes disappeared, enveloped in pitch black.

"What the...What are you?!"

"Meg, please," Castiel said, exasperated.

"Oh, come on, I wanted to see if it would make her piss herself!" Meg whined, her eyes no longer full of darkness. "Welcome to the real world, Malibu. A world where monsters like me walk amongst bubble-headed people like you."

Jessica felt very uncomfortable and uneasy. I need to get out of here. This is...this isn't real. Heaven feels more real than this! I want to be back there!

"You know how to pick 'em, Cas," Meg commented. "She's a sheet."

"Jessica," Charlie said.

"No, don't get near me!" Jessica shrieked, backing away from Charlie.

"I'm not a monster, okay? I'm as human as you are, I promise." Charlie's features softened.

"Same here," said Jo. "I hunt down creatures like her." She threw a thumb at Meg. "I do what Sam and Dean do."

This didn't feel right to Jessica. Sam, her Sam, hunted monsters, the things that parents scared their children with? She winced, remembering how she had died. How she had gone was not by any means a natural way to die. Burning on the ceiling in your own apartment wasn't a common way to go. She hadn't been able to comprehend her death at the time, she was too busy losing her life.

Taking a step back from that, something in Jessica told her that maybe, just maybe, this was the new reality. A reality where ghouls, ghosts, and monsters roamed Earth in disguise and tortured humans.

I guess I didn't know him as well as I thought. Jessica felt betrayed in that moment. Sam kept this huge bombshell from her. But he probably did it for good reason, she considered amidst her high emotion. He's never been about doing reckless things or saying things that he'll regret.

", what's the plan?" Jo finally voiced.

"We'll team up and pick up any lead that can bring us to them," said Castiel.

"If they're still here," Meg muttered.

Jessica looked at her. "What do you mean?"

"Well, since you came from Heaven, there is such a thing as Hell and Purgatory." She snorted. "It's possible they could've been taken downstairs for some good ole fashioned torture."

"Okay, let's not assume that," Charlie said in annoyance. "Cas is right. Let's treat this like we're on a case. Where were they last, Cas, do you know?"

"They were working something here, I didn't get a lot of details." Cas frowned. "This is where we can start."

"Take us to the crime scene," Charlie said.

Cas nodded, and the women started after him, Jessica taking up the rear.

**Didn't think it would take too long to have all the girls get brought together, did you?

Let's see who you side with/root for as this goes on.**

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