Chapter 18-pool

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Joe's POV
"Elle, you coming in the pool?" I asked, from the water, the hotel was practically empty, nobody was around the pool
"Yeah, mum will you watch mase and Lexi." Ellie asked her mum. Freddie and Olivia were in the kids pool with Addie, Ethan and Emma.
Ellie hopped off her sun bed and walked over to the pool side.
I jumped out of the pool and ran behind her. I grabbed Ellie around waist, twisted around and jumped backwards into the pool, bringing her with me. Mason was laughing, throwing his little arms and legs all over the sun bed.
"Joooeee, why did you do that." Ellie pouted.
"I'm sorry, I just wanted my girl in my arms." I pulled her closer to my chest. "I love you Elle." I kissed her head.
Olivia was stood at the edge of the pool, "mummy, daddy. Give up being silly." She laughed, disturbing to moment.
"Oi, you little rascal." I let go of Ellie as swam to the edge, I grabbed her off the side of the pool. I pulled her into the water.
"Daddy!" Olivia began to scream at me. "I haven't got my armbands!" She cried
"I've got you, it's okay." I calmed her down. I put her on my hip and walked/swam back over to where Ellie was stood.

I dried myself off with the white fluffy towel, placed it back down and sat on the sun lounger. Ellie placed sleeping Lexi on my chest, while she watched Freddie and Mason in the pool.
"I'll go take Lexi up to our room." I told Ellie picking up Lexi and cradling her in my arm. I took the pushchair up with me as well.

I placed Lexi down in her cot, next to our bed. I covered her with the thin sheet and walked back out to the lounge area, shutting the door behind me.
I sat down on the couch, pulled my laptop on to my knee and began to watch some YouTube.

Ellie's POV
"Thanks Eth, for carrying out things back up here. Joe must of fallen asleep." I say opening the door and placing Mason and Freddie on the floor, Olivia came running in after. Ethan placed our bags on the floor. I hugged him.
"I'll see you at dinner later, we're going to that fancy restaurant down the road." He said.
I walked further into the room and told the kids to be quiet.
Joe was laid, asleep on the couch in his black swims shorts . His laptop was moving lightly up and down on his muscular chest and his hair was neatly  pushed back in his little quiff.
Lexi wasn't crying, I presumed she'd been asleep since Joe put her down.
I ushered the kids into their bedroom and sat them on the bed with their individual iPads and headphones, they sat contently and watched films.
I walked back into the lounge, shutting the door lightly, behind me.
I walked over to Joe and removed the laptop from his chest, I placed it on the coffee table next to him. I left him to sleep and went back into my room to get showered and dressed for tonight's meal.

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