~Sarah's POV~

I groan and shake my head similar to that of a dog. Something pushes my shoulder down and I look over, Ty was asleeping on top of me.

I smile and pull him off of me, standing up. I notice that Adam was on my other side, leaning on the couch. I put the blanket that I had wrapped myself in on top of them and made my way to the kitchen.

I'll make them breakfast in bed. but what should I make?


Pancakes are pretty good.

I get the batter and start mixing it.

I carefully pour in into a pan and cook it, lightly browning it. I'll admit it, it's my first time cooking so I'm kinda nervous, but surprisingly enough nothing goes wrong.

I place the pancakes on a plate and bring it out into the living room. I make my way back to the kitchen to get the maple syrup.

When I come back Adam's already awake.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." I tease. He smiles and looks at the table "Pancakes?" He asks me, gesturing towards them.

I place my hands behind my back and puff out my chest, telling him 'yes'. "Well they look good." he tells me in response.

Ty shuffles beside him, waking up. "Well, good morning to you too!" Adam protests as Ty rolls over him.

"Huh?" Ty asks, half asleep."Daddy, wake up." I tell Ty, he jerks up in response. "What did you just say?" he asks me, wide eyed.

"You know dang well what I said. Now eat up before we go to school." I tell him as I point at the plates of pancakes getting cold. He looks at them, then looks at me, giving me the eyebrow. "Just eat it."


Adam and Ty lollygag behind me as we make our way to school. "Come on!" I yell behind me as I enter the school. Ty sighs and catchs up, leaving Adam behind in the dust.

Adam races up and passes Ty, getting to the school seconds before Ty does. "Hey!" Ty protests.

Adam shrugs behind him, "You coming?"

~Adam's POV~

Mitch and Jerome wait for us in the school yard. They run up excitedly and practically tackle Sarah. "Where were you?!" they ask her.

"My uncle kidnapped me." she replies surprisingly nochalantly. "Thats horrible." Mitch tells her, letting her get up. "Nothing new." she mumbles.

Wait what?

"You mean to tell me this has happened before?" I ask her. "Yeah..." She replies, trailing off. "We can't let it happen anymore." I tell her, holding her by her shoulders, still.

My thoughts and actions were interupted, "You're treating her like your her dad."

I think back too this morning when she called me that. She called Ty that too. She's so sweet with her words it hurts.

"Psht, you have no idea." She tells them.


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