Raising Hope. (Sequel to I'm Back)

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Who knew that raising Hope would be so much trouble?
Sure she seems such a beautiful baby so sweet and innocent.
Hope never cried when her parents were in sight or when she knew where they were.
She adores her parents to pieces. She absolutely loves them and usually the only time she cried was when she didn't know where anyone is.
Hope loves being center of everyones attention. She hates being alone and having no one to talk to or play with.
Hope matured fast she started talking after a month and she was walking at three months.
She had everyone wrapped around her little finger. Everyone loved her.
Charlie and Chase got married when Hope was one. Hope was the beautiful flower girl. By that time she had long light brown ringlets that reached just about her knees. Charlie didn't have the heart to cut it.
Hope soon became more mischievous, as she grew older she developed a couple of amazing talents she hid from her parents. It is defiantly not something she thought her parents would approve of.
Hope knows everything about packs and werewolves, She has no intention of finding her mate.
Hope is now sixteen and has an amazing pure white wolf with black paws and a black spot around her left eye.
Hope is no longer a little girl, she has discover talents. Some good and some bad.
This is her story.

Hello again :)
Here is the Sequel to I'm Back :)
i guess you sort of have to read my other story I'm Back before reading this one because it leads off from that story :)
This story is about Charlie and Chase's Daughter Hope so yeah obviously :) haha lol (:
PLease tell me what you think about it :)
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Steph :)

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