Chapter 4 - Jamie

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After Undyne had stormed out, M.K looked shaken. I sat next to them. "Hey, look, don't worry! She's just upset and she needed to let her anger out. It was all aimed at me because I just wound her up and I shouldn't have." M.K looked at me and gave a half-hearted smile. I turned on the TV and we sat and watched some cartoons.

Roughly half an hour later, Undyne came out of her room in her armour. "Okay, so I've had a think and you're right, both of you. We should go back and try to find any surviving monsters that could be down there. I don't know how long it will take to hopefully find at least one monster so, Jamie take this money and go to the store to get food that will last us a long time." She passed me a pouch full of money.

"Okay Undyne! Glad that you changed your mind! I'll go right now!" I rushed out of the cave and to the store.

Canned fruit, veg, water, candy, chips, jerky, I bought everything that I thought would last. I went to the counter and ran back to the cave. There, I gave the items to Undyne who put them all in a large backpack along with some rope, a photo, a magazine, cutlery, plates and some mugs. I asked if I should carry anything but she said no then flung the backpack onto her back with ease. Then, she grabbed her spear before we all left the cave to head to the underground.

When we were back at the golden flower garden, Undyne stopped and turned to me. "So, where should we go?"

"Well, you know how you told me that you met Alphys at the garbage waterfall and she was contemplating what could be down at the bottom? Well, we could go there and explore the waterfall to see whether Alphys discovered that there was a bottom. You never know, that's where she could be." I had thought of that possibility since Undyne told me about the story.

"Okay, then we'll go there!" We continued walking but I was feeling tired because it was at least midnight. M.K was also looking fatigued. "Yo, Undyne? C-can we stop please? My feet are starting to hurt and I'm very tired." M.K's eyes were drooping.

"Oh, I forgot, it's very late, isn't it? Hey, We're really close to MTT resort, we can crash there." Undyne led us all to the resort which was a few minutes away and all went into our own room.

Whilst sleeping, I awoke to M.K at the end of my bed looking upset. "Oh, s-sorry dude. I didn't mean to wake you, I-I had a b-bad dream... Can I sleep in here? I would sleep in Undyne's room but she shut the door so strongly that the handle won't budge. Anyway, you're a kid too right? You're not wearing a striped shirt so I can't tell." I was amused by their logic.

"Yeah, I'm a kid." I shuffled to the edge of the bed. "Here, you can sleep next to me."

"Yo, thanks dude! My sister normally just tells me to go away." M.K walked around the bed and sat next to me. We both laid down then drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning with M.K still asleep next to me. I carefully crawled out of the bad to try not to wake them then walked out the room. Undyne's door was open and she wasn't inside. I walked around to the restaurant and saw her their eating some chips and reading an anime magazine. She turned to me and smiled. "Sleep well? What d'ya want for breakfast?"

"Um, I'll have some jerky please."

"M'kay." She turned back to her magazine. I stood there. "What? You think I'm gonna get you some? Fuhuhuhu! Just help yourself, I'm not here to serve you." She sighed then smirked. I walked over to the backpack and rummaged through until I found a packet of jerky. M.K walked in and yawned. "Yo, mornin'. "

"Hey, mornin' kid! Want some chips?"

"Yo, of course!" Undyne threw some chips to M.K who caught them with their mouth.

"Hey!" I was kind of annoyed.

"M.K has no arms, stupid! YOU have arms so YOU can get things for yourself!" She laughed and raised an eyebrow. She continued to read as M.K and I ate and talked about the show from the day before.

A while later, we all left to go to Waterfall.

After at least a few hours, we finally reached the place Undyne talked about. There was garbage everywhere and the water reached to my knees in some areas.

"Here it is." She walked over to a ledge and looked down. "Jamie, I am gonna get some of the rope out and I would like you to tie it to something." She swung round her rucksack and grabbed some rope from inside. She tied some around her waist then threw the remaining rope to me. I looked around for something to attach the rope to and found a spike in the waterfall behind me. I tied the rope around it tightly then told Undyne to give it a tug. She tugged it so hard, she ripped off the spike! She went red and scratched the back of her head awkwardly. "Whoops, sorry. Is there something else to tie the rope around?" I looked around for something else and found there was a larger spike in the waterfall. Undyne walked over to tie it since she was obviously stronger than me. She tied it with ease then abseiled down the waterfall.

M.K and I sat waiting and eating a packet of gummy candy then we heard Undyne shout for us to come down with her. I rummaged through the backpack and found one more hoop of rope. I tied one end to the spike and the other around me and M.K. Then, we abseiled down to Undyne.

"Okay, can you see that? It looks like a lever. Jamie, I want you to help me pull it down." We swung towards the lever, M.K still safely attached to my back. Undyne and I both pulled down on the lever. Out of nowhere, a huge drawbridge revealed itself! Behind it, we could all see the monsters that had survived the human...

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